02 May, 2011

Here we go...

It's already MAY!!... *MAY*.... Our wedding month! Holy wow.. 19 more days. I'm getting less and less sleep(obviously!). I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things I need to get done. I have nightmares that something is going to go wrong. We spend our evenings discussing last minute details and day dreaming about how great it will be to be married. *SIGH*.. Only 19 short days left!

Luckily I have my new job to keep me busy! I'm still getting used to full time hours without school. Speaking of no school. Graduation was this weekend and it was amazing! Got up early Saturday for the 9:30 graduation, went to lunch with my amazingly wonderful family, came home took a nap, went to the mall, then.. SURPRISE! Stephen had planned a surprise graduation party for me! :) This was a first for him. He has tried to surprise me in the past and I always figure it out(except for when he proposed! I have managed to pull off a surprise for his last 3 birthdays, so the fact that he got me was awesome! I appreciate everyone who helped him pull it off! This weekend was perfect!

Sunday we slept in then enjoyed the day at the beach. We were wiped out so instead of cooking we went for Chinese then watched a movie at the house. Perfect ending... so we thought. We were just getting into bed last night when thanks to facebook we knew to turn on the news to see that Osama Bin Laden has finally been served justice. Truly a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. I will never forget that. I'm always proud to be American and especially to be engaged to an airman, but today I was even more so. I know this isn't the end. The war on terror is just beginning, but this was a huge victory for America and I am so grateful to all of our troops both home and away!
"Make it home, Make it safe!" I love that this happened on May 1st.. the start of Military Appreciation month! I appreciate my military, and if you don't... well you know what I say. "If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them!" ;) God bless you all, you're always in my prayer(this counts for all you milspouses too! One of the hardest jobs in the military!)

Ok, definitley bed time. I've been going to the gym at 6 before I get ready for work, so I'm gonna need some sleep! I promise not to disappear anymore! I'm back in the blogging world, and plan to reveal my work blog soon which should be a whole new adventure! Happy Monday y'all!