Our Story

The Volheims:

The Mrs.:
  My name is Lauren.  I do most(ok, all) of the writing around here. I am a twenty-something wife, mom, and college grad. I received my bachelors degree in public relations, but never actually used it. I’m still trying to figure out “What I want to be when I grow up.” For now, I enjoy being a SAHM to our crazy boy. In my head I like to think of myself as a domestic goddess, but in reality I’m doing my best to keep the family fed, the house from exploding, and everyone injury-free! I was diagnosed with Factor V leiden in 2007. It doesn’t control my life but does occasionally affect it and I share that as much as I can here for others like myself to learn from. I’m also a sports fanatic and grew up a die hard FSU Seminole and New Orleans Saints fan. I also cheer on the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Heat.

The Mr.:

The hubs is Stephen. He is a twenty-something maintenance mechanic at a local golf course full time, crew chief in the Air Force reserves, and full time dad and husband. He’s a sports nut as well cheering for the Florida State Seminoles, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Braves. Besides sports, he is a Disney freak. Don’t challenge him to a game of Disney Trivia!

Baby V:

We were over the moon to welcome our first born, Nolan Evan, on September 4th of 2013. Our lives have never been the same. He has such a personality and mind of his own already. It’s been a crazy adventure learning to parent and watching this munchkin grow. You can read about Nolan's birth story here and here.

Puppy Brother:


Our first baby is Natty. He is our beautiful American Bulldog. We adopted him in January of 2007, just months after we started dating. He was only 8 weeks old and was our “first baby.” Spoiled mutt has had to adjust to being booted from his role as baby of the family, but I don’t think he would trade it. Nolan and Natty have become best friends. You can read more on Natty here.

We started dating November 29, 2007 after a very sweet date. We got engaged April 29, 2010 when Stephen popped the question with the sweetest, most romantic scavenger hunt ever. We said our "I do's" on May 21, 2011 at Hemingway's on Pensacola Beach! After our wedding we took an amazing honeymoon to the Bahamas. We enjoy spending time with our families, traveling, FSU football, and trying new things together. We've been through many adventures already and look forward to the adventures that the rest of our lives hold!