26 October, 2010

Pictures from bday trip to Dallas!

We got soaked trying to get to the trolley in Dallas!

Finally on the trolley. Too bad it was pouring down rain and we didn't want to stop to sight see!

All the guys outside of the museum in Dallas while we wait for the trolley. The rain let up for a few minutes!

The gardens at Nature Works, the Nature conservatory in Wichita Falls, TX

Don't they look thrilled?! The guys inside nature works, checking out the fish!

Finally catching up!

I realize it's been FOREVER since i've written. I know, i'm a slacker. But for the past few weeks i've been crazy busy. Not the fun kind of busy either, the work 3 jobs and take 5 classes kind of busy... There were days when I thought about writing, but didn't want to bore anyone with my mundane day-to-day stuff, so I figured i'd just wait til I had something to write about!

I started a new job! I LOVE it! I'm a receptionist at an eye doctor's office and it's such a cool job. Very nice change from waiting tables! Unfortunatley it's only part time right now, so i'll have to keep Kooter Brown's part time too. The money from doing both is good, and it is nice to stay busy so time goes by faster, but some days it can feel a bit overwhelming!

So I had a whole new kind of adventure this weekend! It was Stephen's birthday on Thursday so I had made plans to go see him. (He thought we were coming Friday though so it was a surprise that we made it for his birthday!) This time though, we DROVE to Texas. All 12 and a half hours in one day. It was an experience. Honestly, the drive wasn't too bad and very worth it.

We had fun. Spent Thursday and Friday night in Wichita Falls, and went to Dallas Saturday. Unfortunatley it rained all day while we were in Dallas, so we didn't get to really see all that we wanted to see. The hotel was beautiful and Dallas is a really fun place. Hopefully at Thanksgiving we'll actually get to see more of it! I don't really care what we do honestly, these days only getting to see Stephen once a month just a weekend together is nice even if it's rainy! We ate at some cool restaurants, did a little sight seeing in both Witchita Falls and Dallas, and just had a chance to relax.

I've met several his friends in the AF now. I can say honestly that's the best part of the whole Air Force experience. It's so cool to meet people from all over the country. Even though these guys came from all over the country they now have a bond that links them together. It's fun to listen to them talk, you realize that all there are vast differences in where they grow up, being so close in age, they all can relate pretty well. Besides just meeting his friends, it's been awesome meeting other girls going through the same thing. I may have written about this before, but through many different facebook groups i've met other fiances/girlfriends/wives, whose husband is in the same stage. It's nice to have that kind of support system. To ask questions, to compare airline ticket prices, to just talk to someone who understands how it works. Meeting all these incredible people is by far the best part of the whole experience!

As much as I love the experience, and I'm so proud of Stephen. This isn't easy by any means. (Those of you reading this who have a loved one in the military, you know what i'm talking about!) I got home last night from a long weekend and a long drive home, I had laundry to do, the dog needed walking, and my homework is piling up. I think ahead to the week ahead, I have class and homework to do all day today, Wednesday I work both jobs back to back, Thursday I have 2 tests, class, and work a closing shift. I need to get ahead on some homework, our wedding plans are in need of some immediate attention. On top of all the things that have to be done everyday, the dog needs walking, apartment has to be cleaned, bills paid, car cleaned... I was already tired and grouchy from the long weekend, and now all these thoughts crashing in. I felt so overwhelmed! I just wish Stephen was here so I could say, "Honey, can you take the dog out while I finish this online quiz?" Or," Can you please put the clothes in the dryer while I run to the store." Or "Would you mind calling the Officer's Club tomorrow so we can set up an appointment for Friday." But he isn't here, so I don't have that option. That to do list is all mine! It's exhausting at times and very overwhelming. But in the end, I can handle it. I felt like I was going to burst in to tears, but after a shower and some dinner, i was ready to tackle the laundry and homework. I walked the dog before climbing into bed for an early nights sleep. It wasn't so bad. Yes, I want him here with me. Always. I miss having date nights, and rare free days getting to curl up on the couch and watch a movie together, I miss being able to come home at the end of the day and vent over dinner. But these days, those things are just different. I get date nights, once a month. I get to vent, but it's on the phone or over Skype. I count days until the next time I see him, but it's all worth it in the end, I just have to constantly remind myself of that! I lean on my amazing family, close friends and God. And I take comfort in knowing i'm one of the lucky ones now that can just pick up the phone to talk to Stephen when I need his support. I count those blessings because I know for some their significant other isn't somewhere they can visit or call... So for all those who are serving both in the military and as their support system, Thank you!! :)

04 October, 2010

18 days and counting!

I can NOT believe it's October already! Where is this year going?! The exciting thing is that the faster it goes the sooner Stephen will be home! I've been missing him more than normal lately. I realized this morning though it's less than 18 days until we go to Dallas for Stephen's birthday weekend! I'm excited to see Stephen and Bryan again!! Jessica, Chris, and I are in the works of planning our trip.

Other planning here at home... wedding! Yes, don't die of shock. I'm actually accomplishing things! We finally settled on the Officer's Club on base, the 21st of May. We'll get married at the wedding pavillion on the lawn at about sunset. The reception will follow in the O-club dining room! :) Now that all that has been settled I'm SO excited to start the fun planning! I actually went wedding dress shopping for the first time on Sunday with my Mom, Grammy, sister(and maid of honor), and her best friend Shelby. It was so much fun! I definitley have wedding planning fever now. It was the first time I actually felt like a bride. I found two dresses i'm in love with, but still have more shopping around to do.

Besides that things on the home front are pretty much the same. It's getting colder. Which really makes me wish Stephen were home to curl up on the couch with at night. Natty just doesn't snuggle very well! He's a cover stealer! I do, however, have a job interview tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm applying for a position as a receptionist for an optometrist. It would definitley be a nice change from waiting and tables! The best part, NO nights and NO sundays! I will work Saturdays most times, but I can live with that. I have class in the morning then my trial run there, and hopefully then I'll know something and can update for sure. :)

On that note, Natty and I need to get some sleep since we have an EARLY morning! Class, job interview, homework, and working on surprise packages to send to Lindsay and Stephen this week! I LOVE surprises! Can't wait til the rest of this month flies by so I finally get to see my love again... skype is amazing, but nothing beats a real kiss! Until then....

01 October, 2010

Ahhhhh, relax and unwind time!

Whew, I never thought this week would get over but it did and it is now officially the weekend! WOOT WOOT! Although I am at Sheppard Air Force Base so I don't have to much, well anything actually going on which is why I am here writing right now on a FRiday afternoon. I might be going to the Ghengis Grill when my buddy Parkinson gets done with his tattoo but it will probobly be to late for dinner then but im going to take the chance and wait. So I passed all of my PC's (Progress Checks) this week AND my room inspection Tuesday. So I flew under the radar for the week which was a good thing. So right now I am listening to Disney music (the wishes fireworks show to be exact) telling myself I would do ANYTHING to be there right now instead of here. It's ok though, I will be there in Feb I hope. I miss it down there so much, I haven't even been to Orlando itself in almost a year, that is NOT natural for me! Grrrrr. Anyways I will just listen to my "Wishes" show and do exactly that, wish I was there. So today is October 1st meaning I turn 24 in 20 days from now. Wow, 24. What good comes with 24? Definetly not wisdom haha. It's ok because that means that Lauren will be here in 21 days! We will definetly be partying it up big time in Dallas for the good ol 24. The plans are to go to speedzone and Fright Night at Six Flags but other than that we have no plans but to drink and have a good time! Oh so PT got changed to the afternoons now so no more 3:50 in the morning PT!! I am very very excited for that! Writers block....um...OH YAH! Guess what?! Chicken butt! Hahaha no but really life is ok right now, not great but not bad, just in the middle. I miss the hell out of my friends and family and hate not being able to be there for them, especially Lauren when she has had a rough day, when they need me. I just have to keep telling myself that I will be home for good in Feb, home for good in Feb. I just wish I could have gone to Keesler, it is only like 2 hours from the house AND they have CASINOS! Hahaha, no that would have been bad, I would have gone bankrupt fast! Time will fly, i know it will and before I know it I will be at home, relaxing on the beach, with a bush whacker and my baby beside me. MMmmmmm. So im giving serious thought now to selling the bike and getting a Jeep Wrangler, what do you think? Oh and Lauren seems to have gotten down to business on our wedding and has picked the Officer's Club at the Naval Base. I think it's a great choice and it's cool because im enlisted and i'll be able to go and chill inside an officer's club haha. Take that medal collectors! So I am very excited to make miss Lauren Novatka Mrs. Lauren Volheim, I cant wait till May when I get to say, I do. I love her so much, with all of my heart, mind, and soul. You are so strong and incredible baby! I LOVE YOU!! Oh and two final things, on a serious note I would like to salute all those who serve in the military, no matter what branch. I never realized how dedicated and proud a group could be until I joined. It takes a lot of courage, strength, will, and power to do this job which is why I thank you all for standing tall next to me. And one last thank you to all of the families, wives, husbands, fiances, brothers, and sisters for being strong at home while your loved one's go off into the military. You all are just as strong if not stronger than some of us mentally. It takes a lot to let a family member go for a long period of time and have to deal with it. So I want to thank you all as well for your service, especially my little brother and sister Shawn and Brittany and my mom and dad Jennifer and Darren. Thank you guys so much for being strong and keeping your heads up. I love you all so much. Ok im going to cut out now and try to find SOMETHING to do..thanks everyone for reading today's "exciting" events haha. And baby, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Stay strong and keep your chin up, I will be home soon enough to help with Natty and the apartment!

-A1C Stephen "Goofy" Volheim