28 February, 2011

Sittting, Waiting, Wishing...

As all you other military wives know, and pretty much everyone else really, the military is all about hurry up and wait. I'm generally a pretty patient person, as my friends and family will tell you, but when I get impatient, WHEW! I get impatient!

S got home last weekend, YAY! But since he enlisted reservist(which has turned out to be a big HUGE pain!) but wants to be AD, he needs to do what they call seasoning training. With seasoning training he'll get more hands on training where he works full time at his job, learning his plane, for up to a year. After that we're hoping he will have the potential to get a full time active duty slot. But ya just never know with these things!

He FINALLY got the email today about his inprocess and briefing date, but until he figures all that out we have to pretty much put definite honeymoon plans on hold. We have an awesome honeymoon trip that we were SO blessed to get and I can't wait to get to planning it, but we're in that waiting stage I love so much.. and God is teaching me to be patient!

27 February, 2011

Ahhh salt air..

It's that time of year again! For most of us here on the Gulf Coast we've been stricken with an incurable case of Spring Fever. The only remedy.. excessive amounts of Vitamin D! Otherwise known as lazy days on the beach! It's this time of year that reminds me why I put up with some of the other silly things that come with living in Pensacola. The weather is perfect. It's warm, the sun is out in full force, but we still have that great breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico to keep us cool. We can spend from 10am to 5pm on the beach and barely break a sweat. Trust me, most of Pensacola does! The first few warm weekend days pack out the beach.. by 1:00 traffic is backed up over both bridges.. but with my flip flopped feet hanging out the rolled down windows of the passenger side with the salt air blowing and the music blaring, I don't even mind the wait! The sun, sand and fun that awaits is definitley worth the wait! Welcome to Pensacola Beach!

We got our first beach day last Sunday and it was worth the wait of the cold months! You know the weather is nice when Stephen, who unfortunatley burns everytime he is in the sun and usually hates the beach, says he wishes I were off today so we could go to the beach! Thank goodness for days off! Next Friday you'll find us at the beach all day again :) At first I was disappointed that we don't get to PCS right away since Stephen enlisted Reservist, but now i'm glad that we'll be here for at least a little longer! It definitley has it's faults but I sure do love my hometown!

24 February, 2011

Home sweet home!

Well for my airman at least! :) Yes, that's right Stephen is home! This time without leaving again. He'll be at Eglin now indefinitley. It's definitley taking some adjustment back into regular life, and for Stephen to get back to work on the base here, but it's so nice to have home with me! Date nights are back, cuddling, and someone to share dog walking duties with! :)

I, on the other hand, am not quite done with my school work, but i'm very close! Just a mere 6 weeks and a spring break and it's the "real world" for me. I am so excited, I feel like i'm learning so much this semester and I can't wait to find somewhere to put it to use! Dream job: MWR on Eglin.. but i'll take what I can get, you can bet that i'll be trying my hardest.

Wedding update: 85 days to go! :) Thanks to my wonderful mom, pretty much everything is planned now. I'm so excited to bring it all together.. now to the overwhelming task of social media and acclamating myself for the business world and trying to sort through the overwhelming thing they call, wedding registry!

10 February, 2011

February already?!?!

Wow.. so I almost let an entire month go by without a new post! I've got to work on this blogging thing!

I can't believe it's practically the middle of February already! We hit double digits today on our wedding countdown.. 99 days!!!! So much done, but so much left to do.. luckily we still have plenty of time, but it's just flying by! I'm excited with what we've done! We booked a photographer I love and can't wait to work with, Tara Cook! We're going to use a new DJ service, Mix it up DJ, and i'm so excited! We booked a band from Mississippi that should be awesome! Invitations are in from the printer and now just need to be addressed! We've arranged everything with our Pastor and will begin premaritial counseling when Stephen gets home. The centerpieces are all designed and ready! My mom is incredible! Seriously, there is NO way I could have done this without her. I'm convinced she should be an event planner because she has this stuff down to a science! I'm so lucky she's so awesome at this! Really, she's the one that comes up with all the good ideas. I can't wait til it finally gets here and I can see it all come together and I will FINALLY get to marry my best friend! I can't wait to be Mrs. Volheim :)

I had written a lot more to get caught up, but unfortunatley it didn't save or post. So I will try again tomorrow! I've been learning a lot about blogs in my PR classes so my plan is to totally revamp this and go in a whole new direction.... i'm excited!