28 February, 2011

Sittting, Waiting, Wishing...

As all you other military wives know, and pretty much everyone else really, the military is all about hurry up and wait. I'm generally a pretty patient person, as my friends and family will tell you, but when I get impatient, WHEW! I get impatient!

S got home last weekend, YAY! But since he enlisted reservist(which has turned out to be a big HUGE pain!) but wants to be AD, he needs to do what they call seasoning training. With seasoning training he'll get more hands on training where he works full time at his job, learning his plane, for up to a year. After that we're hoping he will have the potential to get a full time active duty slot. But ya just never know with these things!

He FINALLY got the email today about his inprocess and briefing date, but until he figures all that out we have to pretty much put definite honeymoon plans on hold. We have an awesome honeymoon trip that we were SO blessed to get and I can't wait to get to planning it, but we're in that waiting stage I love so much.. and God is teaching me to be patient!

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