10 October, 2012

Why hello, Fall

So as you all have probably noticed, I fail at attempting to blog more. I'm sticking to the excuse that I'm on the computer all day and when I get home I don't want to be. It's true, I never even pin anymore! (*GASPS!*)

There's just so much going on these days that at night the few hours my hubs and I get together before bed, we try to actually spend together and not plugged into media outlets. We're like old people, we literally go to bed before 10 every night. It's kind of sad.

I'm stealing a few minutes tonight to catch up though. Nothing too terribly interesting has happened. Both still working. House is still under construction, but it's going a lot faster than anticipated. The lot wasn't even supposed to be cleared until this month, but they already have the lot cleared, foundation laid, and framing going up. I'm hoping to be in the house by the first of the year, but we'll see how progress goes over the holidays. Don't worry I have pictures of the progress for you. :)

Sadly, I suck and they are in reverse chronological order so they don't make much sense, but I'm in no mood to fight with blogger tonight!

The only other exciting thing we've really done was go back to Tallahassee for the big FSU/Clemson show down. It was both of our first experience at ESPN's College Gameday AND at a sold out game. Both parts were incredible and we had an absolute blast!(Winning the game definitely had a lot to do with that.) We're *hoping* to make it over there one more time this season for the FSU/UF game after Thanksgiving, but we'll see how that goes. We're starting to plan for the first Baby Volheim in our hopefully not terribly distant future, so who knows!

This week has seemed exceptionally long with some family things going on. It's been a rough week for my Sister-in-law and I'd really appreciate it if you all could keep her in your prayers as she goes through this time. Hopefully I'll be able to share more at a later date, but I don't really feel like it's appropriate right now. Thank you all for your prayers and understanding.

Let's see... what else? Oh! My little, tiny baby sister has finally turned 21! We went over to Tallahassee with the family last weekend to help her celebrate. Hard to believe she's already legal. Stephen will be celebrating the big 2-6 next weekend, but other than that and some fun Halloween plans we actually have a fairly mellow next few weeks coming up.

I have some pictures to share of our recent adventures, but other than that I don't think I have anything of much interest to share at the moment. I do plan to eventually get around to making a big post with all my recent pinterest recipe successes to share. One of these days... until then have a great week! Happy Wednesday y'all

04 September, 2012

Playing catch up

Wow... the last time I blogged was the night before our 1st anniversary! (May 20th) I admit that's beyond a little ridiculous... If any of you are still following, hello again! I'd like to think I'll get better now that we're in a routine, but I doubt it.

I love to blog for us. One day I'll be glad I did so we have all these memories written down in detail, but lately since I work on the computer all day the last thing I want to do at home is get on the computer.

But anyway, I digress! Let's get back to the important stuff. It's been over 3 months now, but let's recap our 1st anniversary.

We both had to work because our anniversary was a Monday.(Boo!) But after we met out at the hotel on the beach. The same hotel we had gotten engaged at 2 years earlier(I know, aww!), the Springhill Suites. I looooove that place. I would live there if I could. We got dressed up all fancy schmancy and went to dinner at Hemingway's(the restaurant we had our wedding the year before). It was delicious as usual. We ended up with a rainy night, but Pensacola beach is always beautiful regardless! After dinner we went back to the room and tried our cake. My mom did an excellent job of wrapping up the top layer of our wedding cake and it was seriously just as good as the day of our wedding!

After that we ventured down to the pool bar and enjoyed the hot tub. We met another couple down there and ended up walking across the street to the Irish Pub and doing karaoke with them for a while. It was a blast! The next morning we enjoyed a little time in the hotel's gorgeous pool, and then our mini vaca ended way too soon as we headed home to relax around the house for the rest of our day off. Can't wait til the next anniversary! ;)

Another major reason I haven't written much is that there hasn't been a whole lot going on around the Volheim house this summer. Too much work, a little playing when possible. Mostly trying to stay cool and dry during this ridiculous hot and rainy summer! So much for Florida being the sunshine state!!

We do have some pretty exciting news!(No, we're not having a baby... yet!) We signed a contract last month and the building has begun on our first home! We're beyond ecstatic! They've actually cleared our lot, but nothing will really get started until the end of next month(that hasn't stopped us from driving by to check once a week though! Ha) It's expected to be finished in February. Needless to say my pinterest has become overrun with house decorating ideas.

Other than those two things and a Corey Smith concert.. we pretty much spent our summer tubing, slip n sliding, beaching, and avoiding the heat! Below are some pictures from our summer.

Now that summer is winding down.. well ok, let's be realistic, it's still going to be a million degrees for the next couple months, but my favorite season is finally back! FOOTBALL SEASON! Namely, Seminole and Saints football seasons are in full swing! We went to the first home game this weekend and it was so much fun! I don't think I fully realized how much I missed it. Stephen even had one of his lifelong dreams come true as our friend Anthony, a Seminole tight end, took us down on the field after the game to take pictures. He was like a little kid on Christmas! It was also my sweet baby Trae's first game and he LOVED it! I thought for sure he would be bored by the end of the 1st, but nope! That boy was cheering, chopping and watching the entire game! I was such a proud aunt. I think it's safe to say he will be a little Nole for life!(At least if Aunt LoLo and Uncle Tephen hve anything to do with it! ;)

Now that we're all caught up, thanks for hanging with me! Let's see if I can get better about this blogging thing again! Hopefully there will be more FSU games, house updates, and other fall fun things in our near future to keep you posted on. Happy Tuesday y'all!

20 May, 2012

One WHOLE year

One year ago today, May 21st, 2011, I said "I do" to my best friend in the whole wide world. It's so hard to believe it's been a whole year since our fabulous wedding already.

Some days, I feel like it was just yesterday that we were planning and getting ready for our wedding. I can still feel the hot Bahamian sun like we went on our honeymoon yesterday. Some days it's weird to think of myself as someone's wife and to call him my husband. But then some days it feels like we've already been married a million years. It's hard to remember what it was like not being married.

I won't lie. It hasn't been an easy year. We've struggled being a young couple, trying to find our way. I'd be lying if I said we've done that. We're still working on finding where we both belong individually and together. Like one of my favorite movie quotes says above, "it isn't easy," marriage takes a lot of work. But that's the beauty in marrying your best friend. You can talk about everything and anything. My other half makes everything more fun. He never fails to make me laugh(even if it is just because he's trying to hard, and i'm laughing AT him ;) (Just kidding!)

I find myself looking over at him and Natty cuddled up at night and thinking I'm so blessed. God has given me much more than I deserve and I am so grateful. I love being able to say I married my best friend. He has my back and I have his. He is always trying to make me happy, and I hope I can do the same for him.

Not only am I so grateful for such a wonderful husband, but I am so blessed to have so many other wonderful people in my life. I'm so grateful to my parents for alway loving and supporting me. Without them I wouldn't have been blessed to have the wedding I dreamed of my whole life last year. Especially my wonderful mom, she really made my dream wedding possible.

We're both blessed with wonderful families and friends that love and support us unconditionally. I smile when I think of our incredible wedding party that stood up on the altar with us last year. All of our friends and family gathered just to celebrate us and our love this time last year and that had to be the best part of the whole experience!

To celebrate we're heading to the beach tomorrow night to have dinner at Hemingway's, the restaurant on Pensacola Beach where we were married last year. After dinner we're spending the night at the beach in the same hotel where we were engaged 2 years ago.(You can read both our engagement and wedding stories by clicking on the "Our Story" tab above!) I can't wait to cut into our cake topper we saved and toast with a little champagne and just enjoy a little fun in the sun all day Tuesday with my wonderful hubs!

I promise to be a better blogger from here on out and not disappear for months at a time. I'll actually take pictures to share here when we get back from our 2 days at the beach.

In the mean time here are some pictures from our wonderful wedding and our first year as a married couple!