10 October, 2012

Why hello, Fall

So as you all have probably noticed, I fail at attempting to blog more. I'm sticking to the excuse that I'm on the computer all day and when I get home I don't want to be. It's true, I never even pin anymore! (*GASPS!*)

There's just so much going on these days that at night the few hours my hubs and I get together before bed, we try to actually spend together and not plugged into media outlets. We're like old people, we literally go to bed before 10 every night. It's kind of sad.

I'm stealing a few minutes tonight to catch up though. Nothing too terribly interesting has happened. Both still working. House is still under construction, but it's going a lot faster than anticipated. The lot wasn't even supposed to be cleared until this month, but they already have the lot cleared, foundation laid, and framing going up. I'm hoping to be in the house by the first of the year, but we'll see how progress goes over the holidays. Don't worry I have pictures of the progress for you. :)

Sadly, I suck and they are in reverse chronological order so they don't make much sense, but I'm in no mood to fight with blogger tonight!

The only other exciting thing we've really done was go back to Tallahassee for the big FSU/Clemson show down. It was both of our first experience at ESPN's College Gameday AND at a sold out game. Both parts were incredible and we had an absolute blast!(Winning the game definitely had a lot to do with that.) We're *hoping* to make it over there one more time this season for the FSU/UF game after Thanksgiving, but we'll see how that goes. We're starting to plan for the first Baby Volheim in our hopefully not terribly distant future, so who knows!

This week has seemed exceptionally long with some family things going on. It's been a rough week for my Sister-in-law and I'd really appreciate it if you all could keep her in your prayers as she goes through this time. Hopefully I'll be able to share more at a later date, but I don't really feel like it's appropriate right now. Thank you all for your prayers and understanding.

Let's see... what else? Oh! My little, tiny baby sister has finally turned 21! We went over to Tallahassee with the family last weekend to help her celebrate. Hard to believe she's already legal. Stephen will be celebrating the big 2-6 next weekend, but other than that and some fun Halloween plans we actually have a fairly mellow next few weeks coming up.

I have some pictures to share of our recent adventures, but other than that I don't think I have anything of much interest to share at the moment. I do plan to eventually get around to making a big post with all my recent pinterest recipe successes to share. One of these days... until then have a great week! Happy Wednesday y'all

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  1. good to hear from you. Hop over to my blog and see our anniversary/love story! I have been way too busy but have too many photos to share. Oh well, that's how it has to be as I gotta sleep some time! So excited for your new house. I remember long time ago, when I was in grade school, my parents had a house built. I'd love to have the kitchen that was in it!! Hugs and have a great week!