10 February, 2011

February already?!?!

Wow.. so I almost let an entire month go by without a new post! I've got to work on this blogging thing!

I can't believe it's practically the middle of February already! We hit double digits today on our wedding countdown.. 99 days!!!! So much done, but so much left to do.. luckily we still have plenty of time, but it's just flying by! I'm excited with what we've done! We booked a photographer I love and can't wait to work with, Tara Cook! We're going to use a new DJ service, Mix it up DJ, and i'm so excited! We booked a band from Mississippi that should be awesome! Invitations are in from the printer and now just need to be addressed! We've arranged everything with our Pastor and will begin premaritial counseling when Stephen gets home. The centerpieces are all designed and ready! My mom is incredible! Seriously, there is NO way I could have done this without her. I'm convinced she should be an event planner because she has this stuff down to a science! I'm so lucky she's so awesome at this! Really, she's the one that comes up with all the good ideas. I can't wait til it finally gets here and I can see it all come together and I will FINALLY get to marry my best friend! I can't wait to be Mrs. Volheim :)

I had written a lot more to get caught up, but unfortunatley it didn't save or post. So I will try again tomorrow! I've been learning a lot about blogs in my PR classes so my plan is to totally revamp this and go in a whole new direction.... i'm excited!

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