01 March, 2011

Can't sleep..

So, I can't sleep tonight. I've been taking QuickTrim (you know, the Kardashian diet enhancing pills), and they keep me awake! I only take one when I first wake up and it lasts til about 2 am! The recommended dosage is 4 per day! YIKES! I would never sleep again! I just started a new workout plan to go with out so we'll see how that goes. I'm doing my work out myself in the gym Mon, Wed, Fri and doing my pilates class Tues and Thurs. Whenever I have time I'll do something outside on Sat and Sun like bike riding or walking. I'm just trying to eat healthier too, but the trick is getting S on board! He hates all things health food so I have to sneak it in! Ha!

Since I can't sleep, i've been working on homework. Our assignment is to take the big 5 personality test and write a one page paper about the test and our results. Here were my results: I'm a O70-C86-E12-A93-N18 Big Five!! They were pretty much spot on for me! Try it and see how accurate your results are!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means internship day! I love my internship at the Fiesta office, but it's definitley been a little challenging! We're trying to get the organization more involved in social media and i'm having a hard time getting it to take off with facebook fans and twitter followers. We've been running contests but I know we need more things to get some interaction so I'm still brainstorming and open to any and all suggestions of whatever keeps you interested in Facebook fan pages!

Sunday, my poor Natty dog pulled a muscle and was all mopey. I swear he's like my baby! I was so worried but luckily he seems to be all better now! Look how sad he looked!:

Today, I got in a great workout this morning, S found out his inprocessing dates which is VERY exciting! (Can't wait to update everyone with what we found out about job details!) We had lunch with my future mother in law, I had class all day(including a midterm which I feel really good about!), then had dinner with 2 of my best friends, Whitney and Lisa, I love girl time, especially since it's so hard to get all of us together! After dinner Whitney and baby Annisten came and played at the house! I can't believe how big she's getting!! She was rolling over and had us all laughing! Look how tiny she was at just 1 month!:

Now that baby girl is already 4 months, 15 pounds, rolling over and laughing up a storm! I just love her! So much fun to see them! Finally, I even had time to watch the Princess and the Frog with my love before bed! It actually turned out to be such a cute movie! Add it to your Disney collection if you haven't already! Here's hoping the rest of this week is just as good...

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