09 March, 2011

Our Perfect Engagement

I had posted this story before on a previous blog, that I never kept up with. For those of you who haven't heard our story I thought I would post it here too. This was almost a whole year ago! Now we're just a short 72 days from our wedding! :) I love hearing engagement stories, so any of you other bloggers that want to share your story feel free to comment with it!

Our Night

It was April 29th, 2010. Just an ordinary Thursday, or so I thought! I had to work until close, and Stephen wanted to "have dinner with his family in Pace" so he borrowed my car since his motorcycle died.

I was working with his sister, Brittany that night and finally our shift ended. I thought I was waiting for Stephen to come pick me up but to my surprise Brittany handed me my car keys and a note. I was confused of course and asked her what was going on. She said she couldn't say anything else and left in a hurry. So I opened my note.

"Sorry I didn't come pick you up, but I was planning this surprise. Look in the car for your next clue."

So I got in the car and on my drivers seat there was the next note.

"Drive out to your favorite place in the world(hint hint: the beach!) The next clue is in the glovebox, but DON'T open it until you get to the toll bridge."

It was killing me but I didn't open it and I just drove. After what seemed to take years I got to the bridge and opened my next clue.

"Go to the hotel we stayed at last time and go inside. Your next clue will be at the front desk"

So I kept driving out to the springhill suites on the beach. By the time I got there and parked I was getting really nervous and had all kinds of crazy butterflies in my stomach! I felt awkward but I asked the guy at the front desk if I maybe had a "clue" there. He tried very hard not to smile as he asked my name and handed over the next clue and a room key. He told me I would be in room 315 and to have a good night. So I headed for the elevator and opened my note.

"You're almost finished! Come into the room and go out to the balcony."

By this point i'm freaking out because I have a pretty good idea of what's coming next! I finally make it upstairs and find the room just as i'm about to open the door I stop because I hear lots of talking inside so I stop to listen. I can tell there are other people in the room. Then I get confused and disappointed thinking I got my hopes up for nothing!

I walked in and found Stephen with our friends Josh, Stephanie, Bryan, and Andersen. He came and gave me a hug and said he thought a room on the beach would be a nice surprise to celebrate finals being over. ( I was surprised all right!) So I changed out of my work clothes and hung out with everyone as we tried to decide what to do. I should have been clued in that something else was up when I asked about going to the boardwalk for drinks or down to the pool to swim and everyone else voted to go walk on the beach. So we all headed for the beach. It was a perfect night the sky was clear and the moon was HUGE, it was gorgeous out there! We all walked and talked for a bit then Stephen took me aside and asked if I wanted to walk down to the water. I told him he better not push me in! So we walked down to the water and away from everyone else. I turned around and he was on his knee pulling the ring out of his pocket as he was telling me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! I was SHOCKED!! I said yes of course and we went to join the rest of the group. (I still wanna know how everyone kept such a big secret?!) We all stood on the beach and talked a little longer and even saw a shooting star! It was a perfect night! :) I couldn't have planned it better myself


  1. Aww, that is an awesome story!

  2. Aww! I think it's so funny how he faked you out by having all your friends there and then did it anyway! Great story. :)