15 March, 2011

Running a little late today... but......

This one is one of my favorites.. Check out her adorable blog to link up! Today the topic is 2 random facts about me:

1) I HATE paper! - I know this sounds odd, but I really do hate paper. I know it's a necessary evil that I have had to learn to live with, but the thing that bugs me the most is the way paper feels. I hate to read the paper, or have paper in my lap, weird I know!

2) I just learned this today making faces at Stephen at the car dealership, but when I roll my eyes apparently I have the ability to roll one eye and not the other. Of course I'll never be able to see it for myself, but Stephen thought it was the coolest talent. LOL!

Happy Tuesday y'all!!


  1. wow! you hate paper! that's a new one. well, here's to a good and paper free week.. :)) just stopping by from top two tuesday!

  2. Why don't you get him to take a video of you rolling your eyes? Then you can see it!