20 March, 2011

Just a LITTLE overwhelming...

Ok, let's face it, there is no way I'm going to be able to keep up with any of these 30 day challenges these days! I would love to, and I thought the Spring Forward challenge was great, but my life is just a little TOO hectic! Speaking of, I did a terrible job posting last week. I was on Spring break and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Got in some time in the warm sun and I can see my tan skin again! Spent some quality time with my future husband which I ALWAYS enjoy! Also got to see a lot of our friends that doesn't happen too often and even went out a few times which is even more rare for us!

But alas, the real world is calling my name again! Stephen has been having issues with all of his inprocessing stuff. He didn't look for a job right away when getting back because the plan was to do seasoning training for the 6 months and then hopefully get on full time, which looks like a good shot. If not, then he would look for a job in the last month of his training. Well, here we are  a month into him being home, and *surprise, surprise* he's still jumping through hoops to get started. Typical government ineffeciency. You have a willing and able body ready to work and somebody is dragging their feet. I'm sorry, I love the Air Force, I love the military, and I love our country. But I don't love how some people are too lazy to do their job. It also doesn't help that we just bought a car for Stephen, and paying the bills is starting to stress me out with this delay in starting to work!

Spring break is over and I'm back to school tomorrow. :( NOT excited about that one! But the exciting thing is that means only 5, yes just 5, weeks until graduation! Hello bachelor's degree with my name on it! But of course these last 5 weeks are when all my major projects, papers, and tests come up. They seem to be spacing themselves out pretty good, but I'm not much into school work these days so i'm desperately trying to find the motivation to get it all done. Senioritis has set in to the fullest extent and it is proving detremental to me productivity!

On a bright note, tomorrow marks 60 days til our wedding!! Just 2 months until we tie the knot! We did get the tuxes picked out, now I just need to stay on top of the guys to go get fitted(all you ladies know how that goes!), my dress is in, just need to get a few minor alterations done. Still waiting on the bridesmaid dresses which is stressing me out! I also need to pick out shoes to go with the dresses which is another thing i'm not so good. It's all these last minute minor details that get me. I'm great at the big picture, but without my mom to remind me of all these little last minute things I would be SO lost! Good thing she's keeping me on track! It's time to start pulling all of our planning together because it's wedding crunch time!

I know this post was all over the board, but that pretty much sums up my life right now! I can't wait til school is over so I can focus on work and wedding stuff. I'm getting so excited! So many big changes coming up in our lives! Can't wait to see what happens next...


  1. I know exactly how you feel with these 30 day challenges. I've attempted to keep up with mine as much as possible..but i definitely posted 8 days in one. Haha. Oh well.
    Congratulations on your upcoming bachelors degree! That's very exciting indeed. So glad you'll have schooling done with when you and your hub tie the knot. That will take away A LOT of stress in the initial months of marriage.
    60 days until your wedding is FANTASTIC! It'll fly by, and in no time you'll be happily married. Keep us posted on all the last minute details!

  2. In reference to how you were talking about how people dont do their jobs in the military!! I feel the same. It is just a military thing and you will see it the whole time he is in.. So be prepared. LOL.