21 March, 2011


In one of my classes this semester I'm doing an issue tracking project. I had to pick a polarizing topic and research it through the last 12 months. Since I'm new to Air Force life, all things military hold my interest. I chose to do my project on the effects of wikileaks on the U.S. military. I started digging into my research tonight. I only knew the surface issue of this topic, until I started reading. I'm still confused.

Why would anyone want to release these documents? Just for the notarity? Don't they think about other people's security? What about our country? Where is the loyalty? What really got me upset was the soldier who helped to leak information... where was his loyalty to his brothers?

I'm just getting into this topic so I'm sure there will be more posts about this to come as I learn more. What do you all think? Especially from a military spouse stand point?

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