01 March, 2011


It was definitley a Tuesday today! Which sounds weird, I know. Usually people dread mondays, but my Monday went swimmingly. It was military pay day! Yay, right? Not in our house! Finance messed up this check which many of you military families are familiar with. From what I hear is a common, albeit rather annoying occurence. Not a great way to start the day!

I was already about high strung today, when I sat through a lecture about professional interviews. This thought absolutely terrifies me! I feel so unprepared for the "real world"! I'm learning so much in my classes and at my internship, and i'm excited for it all. It just scares me to try to go out and find a job, and then when I do find one, where will I start with actually working?! I'm just getting the hang of my internship after 2 months, and i'm still struggling to get my organization's social media off the ground! Whew.. I'm so thankful for a supportive man and family that helps me through it all!

On a brighter note, we had dinner with my family tonight and it was wonderful! Exactly the stress relief I needed, and that's not just the margaritas talking! I'm a firm believer that laughter is truly the best medicine! That and exercise.. which I will be up and at bright and early again tomorrow! Pilates was intense today so round 2 of my personalized workout should help me push through the soreness.. here's hoping!

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