22 March, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!

One of my favorite posts of the week! Top 2 Tuesdays! If you're interested and wanna link up, check out this adorable blog for the weekly post! This week it's your top 2 dream rooms.. since we currently live in a one bedroom apartment and aren't even in thinking about buying a house right now I decided to let my imagination run a little wild.. a girl can dream right?!
So here they are...
My current living room is pretty small.. only about enough room for 6 people comfortably.. I love to entertain so I would love to have the room to fit both of our extended families! Besides that, how could you beat that view?!
And room two is..
This isn't such a stretch.. our future first born in 3-4 years(a BOY of course) will have a little sports themed nursery, and because it will be our child of course he will have a little Seminole themed nursery! :)

Happy Tuesday y'all! :)

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