21 March, 2011

Oh Monday...

We meet again too soon! Yet another Monday has come and gone. This one held quite a bit of meaning.. no more spring break(BOOOO!), 5 weeks until I'm done with my bachelor's degree(YAYYY!), and 60 days until our wedding!!! I can't believe it's already March 21st!

Didn't we just celebrate Christmas?! I'm pretty sure it was just New Years Eve.. how are we already a quarter of the way through 2011?! I think time speeds up as you get older. I remember being in elementary school and the time between summer vacations(You know, when we actually had to go to school!) seemed to drag on and on. It was an eternity from the first day back to school until Christmas. After spring break it felt like we were back in school forever until finally it was summer break. I remember my mom saying, "where does the time go?" or "this year just flew by!" But not to me, back then it seemed like ages. Now, I know what she meant! You blink and the whole year has gone by! How do you get time to slow down?

And speaking of time.. have you ever noticed how different time can feel? 5 more minutes of sleep, flies by! 5 minutes laying out by the pool, disappears. 5 extra minutes on the tread mill, drags onnnnnnnnnnnn. 5 minutes left in class, time seems to have stopped. Why is that? Why does a work/school week seem never ending, but a week of vacation just disappears? Why does it seem like when your significant other is away(deployment, training, etc..) time is on pause, but when he visits, you visit him, or he's home time is in hyperspeed?!  How do we fix this?

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