04 October, 2010

18 days and counting!

I can NOT believe it's October already! Where is this year going?! The exciting thing is that the faster it goes the sooner Stephen will be home! I've been missing him more than normal lately. I realized this morning though it's less than 18 days until we go to Dallas for Stephen's birthday weekend! I'm excited to see Stephen and Bryan again!! Jessica, Chris, and I are in the works of planning our trip.

Other planning here at home... wedding! Yes, don't die of shock. I'm actually accomplishing things! We finally settled on the Officer's Club on base, the 21st of May. We'll get married at the wedding pavillion on the lawn at about sunset. The reception will follow in the O-club dining room! :) Now that all that has been settled I'm SO excited to start the fun planning! I actually went wedding dress shopping for the first time on Sunday with my Mom, Grammy, sister(and maid of honor), and her best friend Shelby. It was so much fun! I definitley have wedding planning fever now. It was the first time I actually felt like a bride. I found two dresses i'm in love with, but still have more shopping around to do.

Besides that things on the home front are pretty much the same. It's getting colder. Which really makes me wish Stephen were home to curl up on the couch with at night. Natty just doesn't snuggle very well! He's a cover stealer! I do, however, have a job interview tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm applying for a position as a receptionist for an optometrist. It would definitley be a nice change from waiting and tables! The best part, NO nights and NO sundays! I will work Saturdays most times, but I can live with that. I have class in the morning then my trial run there, and hopefully then I'll know something and can update for sure. :)

On that note, Natty and I need to get some sleep since we have an EARLY morning! Class, job interview, homework, and working on surprise packages to send to Lindsay and Stephen this week! I LOVE surprises! Can't wait til the rest of this month flies by so I finally get to see my love again... skype is amazing, but nothing beats a real kiss! Until then....

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