09 January, 2014

Nolan Evan: 3 months

I'm a week late in posting this(story of my new life), but our sweet baby boy is 3 months old already! Some days I just stare at him and wonder how he's growing up so fast! Stephen and I were playing with him last night and agreed that just recently he's really starting to look like a baby and not a newborn anymore. He is so much fun, but it also makes me sad! I'm already starting to forget what it was like when we first brought him home. I need to get better at blogging more so I can remember these things.

2-3 was a big month. He's weighing over 12 lbs and is already over 24 in long.(Won't know exactly until his next check up in January). Nolan started sleeping in his crib this month too. He really pretty much did this on his own. If it were up to me, he would still be in his rocker in our room where I can see him. One night at bed time he just cried and cried so Stephen laid him in his crib just to see what he would do. He got quiet and laid there for a few minutes and just fell asleep on his own. Every night since then(except when he was sick) he has slept in his crib.

He is turning into a mover! As you can probably tell by a lot of the pictures this month he does not sit still anymore!(Hence all the blurry limbs.) He is constantly rolling and scooting. When he goes on his belly for tummy time he pushes up with his arms and holds his head up the whole time and kicks his legs nonstop. I have a feeling he will be really scooting within the next few months. Apparently he already scoots a little in his crib because every night he ends up with his head where I had laid his feet to start with. I love watching him sleep on the video monitor. He just looks so little and peaceful. He's also getting really good at sitting up. He doesn't want to lay down anymore. He either wants to be on your shoulder or for you to be holding him up on your lap. He is taking everything in and is way too busy to lay down, he wants to see it all.

He has also become quite the chatterbox! He loves to babble. He will hold full "conversations" with me. When we're playing he looks me right in the eye and babbles and if I babble back he will talk back to me again and again as if we understand each other. It is hysterical! He's also just recently started sticking his tongue out on purpose with me. It's adorable now, I'm sure when he gets older I'll regret that little trick!

Stephen got his first real giggle this month. He was laying in his lap talking with him and he started tickling his feet with his beard and he got a couple of very loud distinct giggles. He's still pretty sparing with real giggles but he lovesss to smile and gets excited really easily.

Nolan had his first Thanksgiving this month which unfortunately for him also included his first emergency room trip. Poor sweet baby got his first cold and was just miserable all day screaming out in discomfort and nothing really made him feel better. He was so congested. We spent the afternoon with my family where he either screamed or slept and then went to Stephen's family's house for dinner. He was sleeping for a long while so I thought he might be feeling better until he woke up from his nap choking and having trouble breathing from all the congestion. Since his pediatrician's office wouldn't be open until Monday we decided to take him to the pediatric ER. We were in and out pretty quickly but unfortunately it was no help. They said it seemed viral and we would have to just wait it out. Poor little guy also started teething at the same time so we had almost a week of just being miserable. He ran a fever off and on, was so congested, and his teeth were bothering him. Tylenol, extra snuggles and sleep were the only things that helped. He didn't really want to eat because of his teething so I put one of the nipples from his bottle in the freezer and gave it to him really cold with his next bottle. Now that's the only way he will eat is if it's cold! ( I know this sounds strange for a baby)

I don't even pretend to have a routine anymore. I just try the best I can to keep him on a schedule but just kind of follow his lead. He's still only drinking 3-4oz with every feeding so he's still eating every 2.5-3 hours. I'm slowly starting to attempt rice cereal with a spoon. It's taking some work and he's not all that interested, but I would like to start single baby foods next month so this is the first step. I'm still exclusively pumping and bottle feeding(have not had to supplement with formula at all). It's not easy, but it's worked for us, and I recommend it to anyone that wants to try it!(Also, I'd be happy to share any info and secrets I have about it to anyone interested or thinking about trying it, just email me!) He's usually awake for 2 hours to eat and play and then will sleep for an hour. But even that sometimes changes and he only sleeps for 30-45 minutes or for up to 2 hours. So I really just never know. He's gotten  lot better at night since moving to his crib. He generally sleeps a 7-8 hours stretch when he first goes down and then he wakes up to be changed and eat and falls right back to sleep. Unfortunately I never know how long he will sleep after that. Sometimes (when I'm lucky) it's another 3 hours, sometimes it's only 1. Usually if I hold him he will sleep longer. Stephen says I'm creating a bad habit so I try not to, but some days this momma just needs a little more sleep herself!

We're so excited for this upcoming month and his first Christmas! I know he won't remember any of it, but I'm looking forward to starting all of our family holiday traditions. We're also pretty excited that in Nolan's first year our Florida State Seminoles finished their season undefeated and headed to the final BCS championship game in the number one slot. We'd like to think our little good luck charm had something to do with it! ;) My goal is to have him doing the chop by the game. He'll be 4 months, I think he can handle it! Now to the good part. I'll overload you with pictures from the last month:


  1. I love love love his Christmas photos! SO cute! And girl, I'm so impressed you are pumping for him. That is some hard work! Keep it up :)

  2. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

  3. Aw, Nolan is so cute! Getting big for sure. Our daughter was 5 days old on Christmas so she didn't remember anything either. But photos help! Enjoy the moments, they go fast but it's ok....lots of memories and fun times ahead! Happy New Year!