15 April, 2014

Nolan Evan: 5-7 months!

Nolan Evan is already 7 months old. I can't think about it too long or it makes me sad. He is definitely not a tiny baby anymore! *Sadface*

Size: According to his doctor's visit in March he is 15lbs 13oz(gained exactly 2 pounds since 4 month check up) and is just over 28in long(grew 3 inches!!) He is still around the 25% for his weight but he jumped into the 90% for his length now. The nurse even double checked because she was surprised he grew so much in just 2 months. Little man is wearing mostly 6/9 month clothes now and is in size 3 diapers.

Milestones: He is a pro at sitting up. He likes to sit up by himself on the floor and play with his toys. He's working really hard to crawl but still not quite there yet. He pushes up to all fours and rocks back and forth and will attempt to reach out but then just flops down to his belly. He's figured out how to get from sitting up on the floor onto all fours or from all fours to sitting down, but no real effort to take off in a crawl yet. He has started to stand whenever he can and he pulls up on anything he can. He is just starting to wave, but hasn't really figured out the purpose so pretty much just waves to entertain himself. He is getting pretty good at high fives though!

Eating: He eats Everything! Literally everything and is a bottomless pit. I'm not quite sure where he puts it all, but the kid just eats and eats!We started with pureed fruits and veggies and small pieces of things in months 4-5 and it went really smoothly and he loved it but in this month his eating really took off. He prefers to eat bites so I don't puree much anymore. He's tried anything we eat(except the usual chocolate, nuts, shellfish, and honey.) and pretty much just eats "table food" all the time now. He hasn't found anything he doesn't like or won't eat yet. I also quit pumping this month. I had enough stored in the freezer to go two more weeks, but then at 6.5 months we've switched to all formula. He wasn't a fan at first but he's fine with it now.

His daily eating schedule goes like this: Morning- fruit with jam toast, eggs, oatmeal, or pancakes depending on what we make for him. About 30 minutes after he finishes at the table he drinks a 6oz bottle. Lunch- is usually left overs from his diner the night before or lunch meat an cheese with a side of veggie or half banana and 30 minutes later another 6oz bottle. After he wakes up from his afternoon nap he drinks a 4oz bottle and usually has a snack of unsweetened apple sauce or something else quick and light. At dinner he has whatever we're eating(usually eats his share and half of mine!) then drinks another 6oz bottle after his bath right before going to bed.

Sleeping: He has become a champ at night! Ever since his 4 month appointment something just clicked and he sleeps all night. He generally falls asleep drinking that last bottle(I know, I know.. bad.) Then I lay him down in his crib, cover him with his blanket, and he's out for the night. He still stirs a few times every night, usually only once or twice, but doesn't really wake up. I go in to check on him and most of the time if I put his blanket back on him he gets still and goes back into a sound sleep. He sleeps from between 7-8 at night until 6-7 in the morning most nights now. (Momma feels like a whole new person now that I've caught up on my sleep!)

Naps are still a different story. This week I've been sticking to my guns on the crying it out method and it's getting better but it's still sporadic. He usually goes down between 9 & 10 in the morning and then again between 1 & 2 in the afternoon. How long he sleeps is still a toss up. Usually one is a two hour nap and the other an hour, but its a toss up as to which is which.

And the overload of pictures:

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  1. That is so great about him eating mostly table food now! I found that so much easier with Levi! And also sleeping at night--good job Nolan :)