10 January, 2011

Merry Christma.. Er, Happy New Year??

Oh my goodness, it has been awhile! Last semester ended beautifully and not a moment too soon! (A, 3 Bs, and a C!)- not perfect but i'll sure take it! Then it was time to get ready for Christmas! Thanks to my wonderful mommy we drug a live Christmas tree up the stairs to our third floor apartment. I did the balcony lights myself and i'm pretty sure you could see them from space! It was a wonderful year! I did miss decorating with Stephen because it's always more fun that way, but it was special to have him come home to a pretty house!

Speaking of him coming home.. December 22nd, Stephen came home for the first time since June 29th! Almost 6 whole months! :) He susprised me too, because he had me convinced he wasn't going to be home until the following day! His brother and sister were in on his little surprise and invited me to go to Olive Garden with them for dinner, while we were waiting for the bill he snuck behind me with flowers! Merry Christmas to me!!

It was a great 10 days having him home! We didn't do too much. I made a big lasagna dinner and had both our families over on the 23rd, that was a very nice time! Christmas eve we went to dinner with my family and to the midnight Christmas eve service and then enjoyed a very relaxing Christmas day.. well until I got the stomach flu! Not so much.. and unfortunatley I passed it on to Stephen the day after my birthday. So we ended up doing a lot of laying around and being lazy to recover! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed just laying around watching tv with him though! :)

New years eve was also pretty quiet for us. We watched our Noles win the Chik-fil-a bowl at my parents house then went to Mugs and met our good friends, Ryan & Whitney Seal for a midnight drink! :) (sadly, we were home and asleep by 12:30- we're growing up! lol) We got to visit The Seals' in Biloxi before Stephen left, too. We sure do love baby Annisten!!!

Having to say goodbye this time seemed extra hard. I cried more than normal. I had gotten so used to having our regular life together while he was home. I can smile now knowing we're pushing through and on the downhill slide, he'll be home the first week of February!! I have plenty to do to keep me busy in the mean time!

I'm back to school, for *GASP* my very last semester of undergrad EVER!! :) I will graduate April 30th with my PR degree! I LOVE my classes this semester, i'm more and more sure I picked the right major for me! Even more exciting is my internship I was so blessed to get! I'm the Public Relations Intern for the Fiesta of Five Flags office. I absolutely love it! I look forward to going! I love my job at the doctor's office too. Between school, internship, work at both Dr. Major's office and the Civic Center, my schedule stays busy. Thankfully I don't work nights anymore, so I get to enjoy dinner with my parents now or more time at the gym.(And for a few more weeks it's nice to have time to Skype with Stephen every night now too!) :) Wedding planning has picked up substantially too considering we're only about 4 months out, but thanks to my incredible Mom, we've gotten a lot done and I don't think we'll get too stressed! She is amazing at these things!!

I'm so blessed! I wake up smiling every single day. No, I'm not happy all day, everyday, but i'm definitley happy at some point every single day! I love my life and the people in it. I seriously could not ask for more. I truly am blessed for all the opportunities and all the love and support from Stephen, my parents, Lindsay and the whole family, and all my great friends! Happy 2011, it's going to be quite a year!! :D Hope everyone has a wonderful one!

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