30 November, 2010

Pictures from Thanksgiving in Dallas!

I always forget these pictures post backwards! LOL So they're actually in reverse order from the way I intended them to be posted, but here are a few of the pictures from our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Dallas!!! :)

So on our first night in Dallas we found this great little Irish bar called the Idle Rich Pub... we had so much fun that's where we went every night! :) I think the waitress remembered us and our drink orders by the end!

On Friday morning we went to the Dallas aquarium! It was really neat. They had tons of wildlife and they weren't all confined in glass like most aquariums. The birds and monkeys roamed free and you had to duck frequently so you weren't dive bombed! I'm really glad we checked this out on this trip!

The Thanksgiving crew: Me, Mel, Munson, and Stephen. It was the next best thing to Thanksgiving with our families! I really enjoyed spending the weekend in Dallas with them! It was a lot of fun!! For Thanksgiving we all got really dressed up and went to a really nice restaurant down the street from the hotel, The Old Warsaw. It was delicious!! It was a lot of fun getting dressed up too! After dinner we put on warmer clothes(since it was below freezing that day!! and went for drinks and our first night at the Idle Rich Pub)

After waking up at 6am on Thanksgiving morning to make the drive from Witchita Falls to Dallas, at 10:30am the guys first stop was the hotel bar! Ha!
The trip was amazing.. kind of bitter sweet that it was my last adventure in Texas while Stephen is in school. He'll be home Dec. 23rd for Christmas and then for good the middle of Feb!! I've grown used to my monthly trips to witchita/dallas and might miss Texas.... but probably not! lol can't wait to have him home!!! Only 23 more days!

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