05 January, 2012

Out with the old, in with the New

I'm a little behind with this, but in fairness, I've been sick since New Year's Day. We had a wonderful holiday season this year. I found my Christmas spirit and quit being a Grinch. We enjoyed 2 days of family, friends, food, and presents. It was wonderful and drama free! The way we like it.

New Year's Eve we went downtown to watch the Pelican drop. It was fun, albeit quiet. We were home by 1:30.

The last few days being sick I've had some time to reflect. I wasn't going to do the quintessential new year post, but I've enjoyed reading everyone else's so much I just couldn't resist! So we'll start with our year in review.



Stephen headed back to tech school in Wichita Falls, TX to finish his training after a wonderful Christmas holiday. I was working on wedding plans and finishing my last semester of undergrad.


We spent Valentine's Day apart as Stephen finished training. Stephen graduated tech school and finally (after 9 long months) moved home. We celebrated Stephen's sister, Brittany turning 21. I continued to work on school work and wrap up our wedding planning.


March was a fun month for us. I enjoyed my last spring break as a college kid, it was finally warm enough to spend time on the beach, we ran our first McGuire's 5K, we saw Corey Smith (again!) with friends, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day...


April was a BIG month. I had my wedding shower, I graduated college, got a "real" job, my cousin, Mandy turned 21, I finished wedding planning... It went by in a flash!

This month was even crazier! We enjoyed an awesome Cindo de Mayo party at my parents, we both celebrated our bachelor/bachelorette parties, had our rehersal, celebrated our wedding for an entire weekend, got married on the 21st!, then enjoyed a wonderful week in the Bahamas for our Honeymoon :)


You would think we slowed down in June, but actually... Stephen ranked up at work(He's now Senior Airman!), we moved to a new house, and enjoyed all that summer has to offer.


We threw a slip n' slide party at the new house, celebrated 4th of July, went tubing on the river, and enjoyed some more Florida summer time!


We didn't do a whole lot in August.. got ready for football season, hung out, worked, and I saw Jason Aldean with one of my best friends!

We went to our first FSU game of the season!!

Was another busy month for us.. Stephen went to Orlando to go to Halloween Horror Nights and visit his brother, I went to the Gulfarium with the cutest boy ever, we went to New Orleans with my family for my beautiful cousin's wedding, we celebrated Stephen's birthday..

Stephen's 25th bday jello "cake"

We went to another FSU game! We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family, and even did a little black friday shopping, and we took pictures for our "first married Christmas" card pictures(that we never ended up printing)

This was a wonderful month! I met my life long hero, Bobby Bowden, we decorated for Christmas, shopped til we dropped, celebrated our "first married Christmas", celebrated my 23rd birthday, enjoyed a new year's eve downtown watching the pelican drop!

It had plenty of ups and downs but 2011 was a wonderful year for our family! Definitely one we'll never forget. But boy am I ready for 2012 to kick it into gear! We both have been sick all week, but we're starting to feel better. We're meeting with his recruiter next week and hoping to find out more definite information about his AD career. I'm dyingggg waiting to find out where we'll be and when. Prayers are still appreciated as we move forward.

I hope all you wonderful readers will stay with us as we head into this new adventure of 2012. I wish you all nothing but the best this year! Here's to a year of health, wealth, and happiness to all!

Happy 2012 y'all!

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  1. My what a fun year and loved all the photos. That would be fun to do. Maybe I'll do that as well or not. I am so tired and I need to get myself to bed by 11 p.m.It's so hard to do as I find things to do! Gone 6 hours today and shopping and doing things for my mom when visiting her in nursing home. Our dryer quit and hubby took it apart last night and found what 2 parts to replace. So will do a bit of line drying tonight and take towels to laundromat to dry tomorrow. Oh fun. So will see how this week turns out since I've added another day to my work week. All of a sudden things keep popping up to keep me from my schedule on the weekend! oh well, have a great weekend and hugs and prayers to you both! :0)