06 February, 2012

Is this thing on???

Hello, is anyone still out there??

I can't say that I blame you if you've jumped ship by now. I have turned into the world's WORST blogger as of late!

Not for lack of logging in, because I admit I've been a bit of a stalker. I still sign in and keep up with my favorite bloggies. I just haven't felt I had much to write about lately.

Boring, I know!

We've both been working. A lot.

We enjoy every second we can steal with friends and family these days. (Poor hub's days off are few and far between over the last couple months). We've enjoyed our backyard and fire pit to the fullest with dear friends on our few weekend nights off.

Last Saturday we even went to the Professional Bull Riding competition with an exceptionally fun group at the civic center. (Much more exciting than it actually sounds!) We went to our favorite Pensacola restaurant(McGuire's) after for snacks and a few beers. Sunday we both had to work, but after we got to enjoy an incredibly fun Super Bowl party with some awesome people we hadn't seen in a while!

Other than that, we've been trying(rather unsuccessfully as of late) to figure out life.

We finally got all of Stephen's paperwork in order for the recruiter. We're just waiting on the word from the recruiter(*Fingers Crossed* for this week) to send him up to MEPS for a quick "inspection". Basically they just have to look him over and make sure he's still one piece since they sent him to BMT almost 2 years ago.

Hopefully we can get that done end of this week/beginning of next and then we'll officially be in the "waiting" stage.(I know, if you're like me, you're thinking what would you call what we have been doing??) My thoughts exactly! Once the MEPS trip is done we wait anywhere from a week to 4 weeks for word back. So long as everything is approved(which is most likely) and there is still a crew chief position empty(currently there are 2 open in the country), we will get his orders for a report date to his new PCS(permanent change of station).

I'm hoping this means a move for us!! I'm ready for a change of scenery. Also hoping it's nothing too crazy(i/e: Alaska, North Dakota... anywhere this southern girl would turn into an ice cube!)

I've kind of put my plans on hold for the moment as I feel it would be a waste to get too involved in a job here right now since a move is looking pretty imminent. I'm still working my serving job, ticket selling job, and occasionally subbing.

Once we move, if it is near a big city I will attempt to give this PR/marketing thing another go. If not, I'm seriously giving some thought into going to ultrasound or radiography school. I've become fascinated with the medical field and think I would enjoy either of these paths.

In the mean time I've just been praying my little heart out that God puts us exactly where we're needed. Also, that he gives some clear signals since sometimes we can be a little dense on these things! I know he has plans for us, we just have to figure them out.

Since the holidays I've been in work out mode. Being in Florida, bikini season is coming VERY quickly! (As in now. We've had days warm enough to sit on the beach in a bathing suit already!) With my erradic schedule, it's hard to be too intense about it. I've just been trying to make healthier choices when eating, doing my zumba on the Wii almost daily(at least 4-5 times a week), and walking 2 miles almost every night after work with Stephen(this is my favorite since it's turned into something we enjoy doing together). This last week I've started adding in crunches, bridges, push ups, and dips at night to start working on tone too. I admit I haven't been at it very long, but I'm already feeling good! My clothes are starting to fit better, the exercises are becoming easier, and I just feel better. It's definitely not always fun, and some days after work I really have to convince myself to to, but it's good for me and that's what counts.

That about sums it up for us these days. Did everyone have a fun Super Bowl Sunday? Any career advice to either of us at this stage in the game? Prayers are always appreciated for our little family as we navigate all of this craziness! And as always, Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Good luck with MEPS! I think the ultrasound or radiography are a good idea with the possible new lifestyle. They are nice "portable" careers, and they are in demand.

    1. Thanks! We need all the luck we can get! ;) I also need the reminding that going back to school (again!) will be worth it in the end! :) Hope all is well with your family!

  2. Good to hear from you again! Oh the waiting game...hope it all goes well for Stephen to get his position he wants in the Air Force. We wait, expectantly, for what God will do. He puts us in places for a reason. My last duty station was in New Mexico, which I wasn't too happy about, at first. But we met some good friends and ended up living in NM for 10 yrs. Phil got a job offer for Oregon and we took it! Plant yourself in a good Bible believing/preaching church to help you with life and friendships. It's amazing! I agree, ultrasound or radiography even medical assistant, a good job. The last one was what I thought about doing but decided I didn't want to give people shots. What was I thinking? I could have done it. But I was weird when I was in my 20s, I think. We all grow and learn and wish we'd done something we didn't do. But then again, I wouldn't have joined AF and met Phil! Sigh!
    I didn't watch much of the super bowl. I went shopping for pillows since we needed new ones and couldn't the two days before. I wasn't feeling good and didn't much of anywhere. Am not at work today because I'm not feeling well again, just no energy and feeling blah from a cold I've had for a week. Which makes me weak? HA!
    Take care, prayers and hugs!

    1. Thank you for the positive thoughts, prayers, and good advice! I also appreciate you sharing your stories about how God worked in your lives. It's nice to be reminded that He knows what He's doing!

      Hope you get to feeling better quickly, those colds can be nasty things! I'll be sending good health prayers your way! :)