15 February, 2012

Valentine's Special.... a little late

I had the best of intentions to write this post yesterday, but I opted to enjoy the little time we were home with my sweet Valentine instead.

We had a great Valentine's Day this year as we celebrated our 5th Valentine's Day as a couple and our 1st as a married couple. We usually don't do a whole lot to celebrate.. it's kind of a silly holiday. We're one of those disgusting couples that surprise each other with little things all year "just because". So Valentine's Day is just another day. This year we just did some little things.

I packed my husband a special lunch. I attempted to make him a Mickey Mouse shaped sandwich and put his favorite candy, peanut M&M's in valentine's colors in his lunch too.

When he came home I had a surprise waiting for him, a bag of peanut M&Ms, one of those big Reese's hearts, and some silly scooby doo valentine boxers.

His surprise for me was an awesome date. We went to a really yummy seafood place for dinner and then my super sweet husband surprised me by taking me to see "The Vow". (I guess all my talking about it paid off!)(However, I ended up hating the movie, it was extremely disappointing!!!) I'm one lucky wife to have such an incredible husband!

But really I wanted to share a different story. This story goes back to our 2nd Valentine's Day together. I had to work all day so we decided not to go out. Instead, Stephen cooked dinner for me at home and rented a movie.(Sadly, now I can't remember what movie... I should have started blogging earlier! ;) My sweet then boyfriend made us homemade pizzas that he cut into heart shapes(such a sweetie!) and had a whole loaf of Italian bread to go with it. He set the table, lit candles, and was putting all the food out before I got him. He would cut a piece of bread to put on each plate then go in the kitchen to get something else.

When he came back, the bread he had cut was gone. Confused, he cut another piece and went on with what he was doing. Next thing he knew, the bread was gone again. So this time he cut a piece and put on each plate and then peered around the corner to see what was going on.

Turns out this little thief was stealing the bread every time he turned around!!

In the end that was one of our best Valentine's ever, and as you can see it's made for a great story for years to come! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's this year! I certainly did, and here's to many more with my sweet husband! Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. I am nosy, which restaurant did you go to?

    I love that the dog was stealing the bread. It sounds like my house. :)

    1. We went to the Crab Trap in Pensacola. It's really good! Good food, great view, and really reasonably priced.

  2. I ate too much on my birthday, which is Valentine's day. The cake was delicious even after the meal I ate that stuffed me. Yum and thanks for visiting my blog. Love hearing from you! I loved your story you just shared about the disappearing bread. Funny!Makes good memories!