15 February, 2012

Finally.. Thursday!

I have been a capital "T" terrible blogger as of late so I am EXCITED to be joining in on of my all time favorite weekly blog posts by Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots. Check out her awesome blog and link up with how this week's five words are affecting you.


1) I am beyond Blessed by all of God's gifts. A wonderful, loving husband, sweet puppy, supportive family, great friends, house, job, food, I could go on all day! I find myself constantly taking moments to pray and say thanks often these days.
2) I am Delighted that the recruiter called two nights ago and it finally feels like we're actually making head way on this transition! Hoping to have orders, or at least a good idea of where/when we're moving, by the end of next month!
3) We had an absolutely Joyous Valentine's Day and I am thankful we were able to spend it together this year! :)
4) This weekend (barring any rain) we're headed to Mobile on Saturday with some good friends to enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities! I am beyond Cheerful to celebrate this weekend!!!!
5) With so much to look forward to going on this week, I've been in an exceptionally Jolly mood this week and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying it! Bring on this weekend and whatever 2012 has for us! The Volheims are ready!
Hope you all have a wonderful day! It's Thursday which means one day closer to the weekend!!!!
Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. So jealous of your mardi gras celebration!!!

    1. Me too! In fact I'm thinking about changing my plans :)