23 February, 2012

Thursday 5.. 2 in a row!

Yes I know, you're all shocked to see a Thursday 5 two weeks in a row! Not to mention a couple other posts in between. I'm working on gettin' my groove back people!
Back to the point. Again, my favorite link up to one of my fav blogs! Go check out Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots!
While you're there go ahead and grab yo self this weeks words and link up!
1) I had the most Outstanding weekend with all the guys this past weekend. I was pretty much the Mardi Gras princess in the group.
2) This weekend, we literally have NO plans other than my 6 hour shift on Saturday. I must say that after last weekend's ridiculousness, it's pretty Refreshing. I plan on getting a little extra sleep, cleaning, and finally getting to church on Sunday!
3) We've actually had kind of a tough week. Both of us were "sick" of some sort and we got more bad news today from the Active Duty recruiter. We're both trying our best to count our many blessings and stay Cheerful in spite of the bad news. Prayers are appreciated as we continue to hit our knees and pray for God to give us His direction.
4) Ok, this is a little silly, but does anyone else watch The Big Bang Theory on CBS? We're a little obsessed with it, and tonight's episode was definitely a Memorable one! I mean seriously, Sheldon playing the bongos?!? And his haircut.. I was dying!!
5) Tomorrow I'm subbing up at high school. Luckily it's all seniors and they're surprisingly small classes, but it never fails to make me laugh at how Cool high school kids think they are! Especially the older they get.. by Senior year, they think they rule the school. I can only hope I don't seem like such a snob when I was in high school!
Happy Thursday y'all! We're less than 2 hours from Friday now.. YAY weekend!


  1. I love your Thursday 5!! I am following you now too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. LOL Seniors really do think they are ALL that! I think I'd rather sub the younger kids than deal with teenagers! Have a great weekend :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear about active duty difficulties. I hope things go the way you want!

    I love The Big Bang Theory. My whole family does. I thought last night's episode was hilarious. I am so excited they decided to keep Amy around.