22 February, 2012


These two little quotes have been weighing on my heart a lot lately which has ultimately led to the writing of this post.

I'm going to do some confessing in this post. Things that I'm not necessarily proud of.

To start with, I CONFESS that I am a meddler. I can't help it! I'm nosy and I care far too much about too many people. Often this leads to unsolicited advice and "help" that said loved one does not want.

I CONFESS that watching the people I love get hurt and make stupid decisions over and over hurts my heart. It probably bothers me a little more than it should.When I read what feels like the same Facebook status over and over just on a different day, I find myself getting angry with this person for making the same choices over and over.

I try to bite my tongue and keep my unsolicited advice to myself. I try my very hardest not to leave comments on Facebook statuses, send texts, or otherwise electronically contact people to tell them what I think they need to do. I CONFESS that all of this restraint sometimes makes me crazy!

I CONFESS that my own relationship with my now husband definitely was not perfect when we were dating. I chalk it up to stupid, young, immaturity that I'm so glad we out grew. But not everyone does by any means. You hope that everyone will, and most do. But just because they eventually will, does NOT mean they will grow up for you. 

I just got lucky that mine did. We did. We learned, we grew, we focused on us, we took everyone else out of the equation. It took a lot of work. Work that for us, was well worth the time and made us so much closer and stronger. 

But we were one of the lucky ones. Not everyone has that. In fact our story is rare. Most bad on again/off again relationships end that way, badly. Both people move on to realize in OTHER people what they were missing before.

Sometimes it's not even a relationship. It's anything toxic. Drinking, partying, going out, damaging relationships, sleeping around, drugs, irresponsibility... the list goes on.

I am by no means saying my life is perfect and I have it all together. In fact, I CONFESS that I most certainly do not. I'm still learning, still growing, and still cementing my relationship, friendships, family life, professional life, etc.

I guess what I wish is that sometimes instead of watching people learn the hard way, you could make them learn from your mistakes.

Or at least just shake them until they realize what they're doing!

Easier said than done, I suppose.

Anyone else have this feeling? Am I the only one that's wanted to abandon all social media to keep from seeing the same crap over and over? Are you a meddler? Do you bite your tongue or tell it like is?

Well.. thanks for staying with me through my little rant. Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. I meddle, but I am trying to keep my mouth shut. I have learned most won't listen to you until it is too late. There is someone whose Facebook statuses I have to scroll past quickly so I don't have time to type what I am thinking. Sometimes I will feel better if I say it to the computer monitor.

    1. Haha! I know exactly what you mean! My poor husband takes the brunt of my venting. I'll have to try telling it to my computer instead.