21 February, 2012

Crazzzzayyy weekend!

Long weekends around here always make me a little nervous! Stephen has some close friends that he made in Tech school that luckily got stationed about 30 minutes from us. They're single and live on base so any time there's a long weekend, I can expect a party at my house. Literally. For the whole weekend.

Don't get me wrong, I love these guys! I love the fun, the camaraderie, the silliness that ensues when this bunch gets together. It's like having brothers I never had(or really wanted, but that's ok! HA) What I don't necessarily love is the havoc that is wreaked on my liver by the alcohol consumption or the mess that ends up strewn across the house. But livers recover and messes can be cleaned, right?

Friday the guys all got off early so they were at my house before I was off work. Once I finally made it home and got ready we all headed over to Stephen's parents' house to celebrate his sister Brittany's, 22nd birthday! We love that girl and it was a fun night with family and friends to celebrate another year! We all got an extra surprise when Stephen's little brother Shawn was home from school for the weekend for Brittany's birthday!
Brittany, Stephen, Shawn at our wedding

Somehow we ended up taking the party back to our house when the whole gang decided to come play beer pong, flip cup, and just hang out. It was a lot of fun, but we were up later than anticipated and consumed a few more cocktails than planned as well!

We were all a little tired, groggy, and hungover on Saturday morning. I had switched my work schedule to have the whole day off and we were supposed to spend the day in Mobile celebrating Mardi Gras(one of my favorite times of year!). But unfortunately, the weather had other plans. It was a monsoon from here to New Orleans! I had 4 bored guys on my hands, and they had one thing on their mind. Road trip. I gave in and off we went to Malbis to Bass Pro Shop.

Seriously, that store is amazing. We spent probably an hour and a half walking around looking at everything. Including this little beauty that I legitamitely want!

After they finally bored with Bass Pro, they managed to convince me to continue our trip to Biloxi to do a little gambling at the casinos. We headed to the Beau Rivage. I'm pretty sure we spend less time in the casino than we did in Bass Pro! No one was particularly lucky. I, in particular, managed to lose money extra quickly and was ready to leave before they took any more of my money!

We started the road trip home. We stopped on the way for way too much food at Mellow Mushroom. Then somehow on the way home got the idea to build a pillow fort, bake cookies, and watch movies for the rest of the night. So that's what we did. The movie watching didn't last too long considering how tired everyone was, but it was fun nonetheless!

Sunday was supposed to be a recovery day. I had to work 10-4 again and I figured the guys would head back to base. Nope, not the case. I got a text from my husband shortly after I got to work suggesting we head to Mobile when I got off work to catch the last parade and go out for a little bit.

So that's what we did. They met me at my parents' house when I got off. I stole some clothes from my sister's abandoned closet upstairs(since my husband forgot the clothes he was supposed to bring me!) and we headed over to Mobile.

We lucked into a good parking spot and caught the last parade. We drank wayyyy too much while waiting for the parade to start, and then kept it going after the parade when we hit up some of the bars in downtown Mobile. We had a blast and we can all say we had our fill of Mardi Gras for this season!

However I can't wait til next year! I'm determined we're going to make it to New Orleans to celebrate. Something about Mardi Gras just makes me happy! I'll leave you all with some pictures of our crazy Mardi Gras night.

Happy Fat Tuesday y'all!

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  1. I guess I am just naive and uninformed about Mardi Gras. Before I moved here, I thought the only town that really celebrated it was New Orleans. I know my church (Catholic) would have a party, but Kansas City didn't do much. St. Patrick's Day is our huge celebration. Then I moved here and saw that the entire Gulf coast celebrated. I had never seen Mardi Gras decorations at Sam's Club before this year. I am sad I didn't join in on the parties. Maybe next year I can.