18 February, 2013

Home sweet home

I'm happy to report that we officially closed on our house(*FINALLY*) last Thursday, the 14th. I know, I know a heck of a Valentine's Day present to us! :)

To be honest, that was about the extent of our Valentine's day. We closed at 4:00(surprisingly, quick and painless), then went and picked up Natty dog and took him for his visit to the new house. We let him run around the yard and the empty house and we just basked in the moment of realizing it was really ours after months of visiting just to see the construction. We took the dog back to my parent's house and proceeded to spend our Valentine's mattress shopping and eating dinner. I know we're very romantic, but you have no idea how exciting this was for us!

Since we both had to work all day Friday we decided just to move in Saturday. So we spent a last few days at my Mom and Dad's house. I'll admit it was really nice being there, don't tell him but I don't hate my dad's crazy idea of living in a commune. They're some of our best friends and I enjoy just hanging out with them doing nothing. Not to mention my Mom is an amazing cook and I enjoyed eating there for almost 2 months! :)

Saturday bright and early we loaded up our cars and started the moving process. I had been stressing about it because I *HATE* to move. But it was surprisingly uneventful. We were beyond blessed by the amount of help we had from family and friends. All of our belongings were in the house in under an hour and a half and most everything was put where it belonged by that afternoon. I'm still finding places for little things and attempting to organize but overall it's pretty well together and feels like our home already. I am a terrible blogger and didn't manage to take one single picture on moving day. (Cut me some slack, I was a little preoccupied!) But if you missed my last post you can see pictures of our house here, it looks the same it just has stuff in it. Eventually I will get it all decorated and post "after" pictures.

Leave it to my terror I mean dog to make a mess within minutes of moving in. It was a record for him, it took all of about 5 minutes (if that) for him to figure out he can dig under the fence on the side of the house where there are no neighbors. To the right of our house is still an empty lot for sale which makes the ground uneven where our fence is since the lot isn't cleared and our sod hasn't completely taken yet. All he has to do is use his paw and pull up a piece of the sod right along the fence then it's just clay and sand that he can easily dig out and roll under the fence. LOVELY!

We thought we had rigged it up enough to keep him back there while we finished moving until he came running through the garage door into the house a lovely shade of orange/brown from the dirt. Onto my new beige carpet. Luckily we caught him and wrangled him into the garage before he could make a mess, but he was definitely giving us a run for our money that day! I'm still trying to decide the best way to remedy that situation until a house is built over there(which could be years!). Electric fence is sounding like the most reliable option, but we'll see. I might try chicken wire and bricks first. Gah, the things I do for that fur baby!

We were pretty wiped out still Sunday. We shopped for some things we needed right away and for groceries. After putting the groceries away we took a two hour nap.(We're incredibly productive!) We did finally get up and hang all the blinds, hook up the washer and dryer, and organize a couple closets. I made burritos for our first dinner in the new house and we went to bed extra early. (Think before 9.. sad truth: I STILL didn't want to get up for work this morning!)

But that's about it for our Valentine's Day/weekend/home buying/moving experience! I promise to post some furnished pictures soon, once it looks a little more together.

Until next time....

Happy Monday y'all! :)


  1. glad you closed on your house and moved in soon after. Congratulations! Sorry to hear the dog is a digger. Could you build him a big pen that goes down below the ground so he won't dig out? I hear there's stuff like that or keep him in garage til you figure something out? I'm sure you'll figure out a solution soon. Hugs and happiness to you both. I'm excited for you. It's always nice to have something of your own! :0)

  2. Congratulations on the house!

    My dog also dug under the fence. I used chicken wire and concrete blocks which worked for a bit. She was able to peel the wiring away and dig again. Eventually I just used a ton of blocks to fill holes.