01 March, 2013

Best day ever!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 should have been a boring work day like any other. Holidays are over it was back to the grind at work I was just getting over a cold. We had settled in to my parents' house for a week and a half since our lease ended while we waited on our house to be ready to close.
What we didn't know is that this day would change our lives forever.
We have been trying to have a baby for the last few months to much disappointment and discouragement. I had resigned to put it on hold until we were settled in the house and I had time to go back to the doctor for a full work up. God apparently had other plans for us.
I had been really sick for almost a week but just thought it was the flu. I was about 6 days late by this time, but didn't think much of it because my cycles had been off the last few months. Stephen insisted I take a test because he was dying to know. I told him I would first thing Tuesday morning but not to get his hopes up.
I woke up for work on Tuesday and I was getting dressed to go walk the dog I took one of the pregnancy tests into the bathroom with me. Expecting another disappointing negative sign I was beyond shocked as the second line appeared almost instantly creating a positive sign. I was over the moon excited and completely shocked! Since Stephen was already at work and I knew I couldn't wait all day to tell him I snapped a picture of the positive sign and sent him a text of it. He was just as shocked as I was.
Somehow I managed to get ready for work and not give it away to my Mom. I wanted to think of a cute way to tell her and my Dad at dinner that night. About halfway to work I realized I couldn't not tell her either so I called and spilled the beans. Needless to say she was ecstatic too. Stephen and I decided just to tell our immediate families since it's so early(they're estimating I'm about 5 weeks.) Since everyone is so spread out and we can't contain our excitement he called his parents to let them know they are going to be grandparents and we called our siblings to let them know they would be aunts and uncles. Everyone's reactions were priceless! As this is the first grandbaby on either side I can foresee a lot of spoiling!
I laugh because I had about 20 pins on longest and all these ideas in my head of cute ways to announce it but in the end we couldn't wait and phone calls did it.
We waited to tell my Dad that night at dinner so I thought I would try to salvage my creativity and stopped to buy it's a boy and girl balloons to tie up in the dining room to see how long it would,take him to realize.  (picture)
Well Stephen insisted we go to dinner to celebrate anywhere I wanted. (chili's, duh!) My Dad was running late from work and just met Mom, Stephen, and I there so he missed the balloons and I again just ended up blurting it out. He is ecstatic and admitted to not being able to keep it a secret.
My last hope of a cute announcement is telling my grandparents this weekend. I'm still working on ideas in my head and hope I can hold off that long!
I plan on documenting everything so we will be able to remember every detail to tell baby so you should be seeing me more often around this little blog now! :) Starting tomorrow because we have the final construction walk through on our house! I will finally post completed pictures. It's a beaut if I do say so myself!
Now to try to get some more sleep, growing a human being is tiring! More updates soon
Happy Tuesday y'all!

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