24 March, 2013

Baby V: Week 15

How far along? 15 weeks.. Time is flying!

Maternity clothes? Pants yes but still in regular tops. Dresses and leggings are my current fashions of choice though, so much comfier! (is that a word?)

Weight gain? -20 lbs... Belly is definitely continuing to "pop" but the morning sickness is contributing to weight loss.

Sleep: I'm not as exhausted so I don't sleep as good as I was. My back hurts more when I'm laying down and I'm up every couple hours to go to the bathroom.

Best moment this week: going to Brayden's christening!

Miss Anything? Being comfortable.. But I've conceded that I will just have to get used to that for the next 5 months.

Movement: I think I've started to feel some rolling around at night when I'm laying still but I'm not positive.

Food cravings: apples, bananas, hot dogs, and French onion dip(not all together!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: everything. The morning sickness was actually worse this week. I was actually sick to include in the car on the way to work with no where to pull over. Yeah, really fun day. (NOT!)

Gender: Still impatiently waiting, but ths end is (hopefully!) in sight. After our 16 week appt on Tuesday we have an appt at the ultrasound school that afternoon and they say they should be able to tell! We're having a small gender reveal party with our families that night so fingers crossed all goes as planned!

Labor Signs: Goodness no! Not for a very long while!

Belly Button in or out? In.. hopefully for a while!

Wedding rings on or off? On and loose from having lost weight.

Mood: Eh hit and miss. I had my first hormonal moment this week with a 30 minute cry session for no reason and I've been snappier at my husband for no reason too. Sorry about that, honey!

Looking forward to: our appointments Tuesday, finding out the gender, and having everyone together to share the news Tuesday night! :)

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  1. of the memories of being pregnant and feeling the first little flutters inside. Like a little butterfly inside. Hang in there with the morning sickness. No fun but make sure you eat something, even if it's toast.