12 April, 2013

Baby V: Week 18!

Baby V: Week 15

How far along? 18 weeks.. holy moly almost half way there!

Maternity clothes? Still pants and regular tops

Weight gain? Belly is really out there now(as you can see in the pictures). I gained 5 pounds since my last appt so I'm at -15 right now.

Sleep: Good, I'm really tired again this week so I sleep like a rock. I've just been waking up with really swollen feet and a sore back every morning. Not so fun.

Best moment this week: Watching Stephen umpire some little league games. Can't wait til he's coaching Nolan's teams! :)

Miss Anything? After a rough day at work, I reallyyyyy wanted a glass of wine for the first time this pregnancy.

Movement: Yes! I can feel him rolling around in there. I'm waiting for Stephen to be able to feel him now.

Food cravings: Not this week

Anything making you queasy or sick: Too long between meals or snacks. Being hungry makes me nauseous, but otherwise it's gotten much better

Gender: Baby BOY!!! Nolan Evan... more on this in our gender reveal party post to come :)

Labor Signs: Nope hopefully have a few more months for that

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On and actually still loose.. maybe they'll make it til the end?? :)

Mood: This week was a little more hormonal than it had been. Weepy a few times for nothing and grouchy and overwhelmed over little things too.

Looking forward to: Anatomy scan in 2 weeks! 

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  1. Looking good. If you are hungry between meals, eat a healthy little snack. Looking good and cool, a boy! Hugs and blessings!