01 March, 2013

Spreading the news

When we first found out that I'm pregnant we agreed not to tell anyone because it was so early. That only lasted a matter of minutes because we were both bursting with excitement.
Then we decided we would only tell our immediate family for now, parents and siblings. That quickly grew to include grandparents.

Not wanting any of them to hear from anyone but us we called and broke the exciting news. They were all so excited! I think telling our family has been the best part so far. They're all so excited to meet our little one already that it makes me even more excited!

Wednesday night my extended family was coming over to plan our Disney vacation. I decided to try my balloon plan on them since it didn't work for my Dad.

Mandy and Trae got there first. I couldn't wait to tell her because she's actually pregnant with her 2nd is due about 2 months before me. I'm excited about how close these two will get to be growing up! Trae didn't really care, he just wanted to play with ths balloons. So I untied them for him and he was hitting them around,the house when everyone else got there.

Alisha, Troy, Brayden, and Aunt Michelle came later. The balloons Trae was playing with went right I we their heads. After waiting a few minutes for them to notice the balloons, we just had to tell them.
Everyone is excited for our growing family. So many cousins all close in age, they are going to have a ball growing up together.

We asked Trae if the new babies would be boys or girls and he decided they would both be girls. Then he decided that he wanted a little sister but a boy cousin so he says his Mommy is having a girl but Aunt LoLo is having a boy. We will get to find out if he's right about his Mommy in just 2 more weeks! We've got 10-11 weeks for us though. I'm hoping they fly by!

This baby is already so loved and will be so spoiled. My sister texts me pictures of cute baby stuff in the store she works at everyday. I'm going to go broke! ;)

Happy Friday y'all!

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