19 July, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 32!

Baby Nolan: Week 32

How far along?: 32 weeks and a few days now..

Maternity clothes?: maternity pants, yoga pants, and dresses are currently the only thing I will wear(or fit into for that matter)

Weight gain?: +13lbs for me and we learned at the last ultrasound that Nolan is weighing in at a hefty 4lbs 13oz already! Big boy

Sleep: This week maybe a little TOO good.. It's been reallyyyy hard to get up in the mornings.

Best moment this week: Seeing our sweet boy during the ultrasound on Tuesday

Miss Anything?: Being able to shave my legs without feeling like I'm going to pass out!

Movement: Lots and lots of it. It feels like he's moving pretty much all the time and he's so big and strong now that I can see AND feel everything. He's at the point where if I set anything on my belly he can kick it off. I need to get my husband to record a video of it.

Food cravings: peanut butter and jelly sandiwches

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've actually felt really good this week *knock on wood*

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: not real labor signs. I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there, but that's it.

Belly Button in or out?: Still in but pretty flat!

Weddding rings on or off?: On. Hopefully they make it all the way to D-day

Mood: Great!

Daddy update: I have one very anxious Daddy on my hands! He was fine up until now, I think because it seems more real. He is getting very antsy. He's determined that he will come at 38 weeks on his own instead of being induced. He's asking me about everyday if I'm having any contractions and is disappointed I think when I tell him no. He's decided that he's going to keep a change of clothes in his car from now on in case I go into labor while he's at work, and he is ready to go ahead and pack our hospital bags. I have to keep reminding him that although he is big, he's not ready for the real world yet. I find all the movement hilarious and love to watch him kick things off my belly, Stephen on the other hand still finds it creepy!

Natty update: He's a little creeped out by my belly movements too I think. He still won't get too close since the head kicking incident.(Which I can't say I blame him!) I keep finding him wandering into the nursery to sniff the baby stuff that's in there. I'm not really sure why since it's all new and doesn't smell like anything, but I don't think he knows what to think yet.

Looking forward to: the weekend and our next ultrasound! :)

03 July, 2013

Bump date: Week 30

Baby Nolan: Week 30 already

How far along?: 30 weeks

Maternity clothes?: Umm chyeah.. you want me to wear something without an elastic waistband? Negative ghost rider!

Weight gain?: +10lbs

Sleep: Love it when I'm sleeping. I'm waking up a lot more to go to the bathroom now and lately between 3 and 4 I'm just wide awake for no reason. I guess I'm practicing?

Best moment this week: Day off for the 4th tomorrow! :) Woo hoo

Miss Anything?: Being able to breathe or bend over

Movement: All the time.. he is either getting really big or really strong or both judging by the flailing around going on in there.

Food cravings: Doritos, watermelon, and cookies and milk

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've actually felt really good this week *knock on wood*

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: nope.. I keep hearing that I could start having braxton hick's contractions and I kind of want to just to see what they feel like, but luckily nothing yet.

Belly Button in or out?: Still in

Weddding rings on or off?: On.. I'm hoping we make it all the way :)

Mood: This week has been pretty good(despite my crazy work week!)

Daddy update: Stephen is enjoying every minute of this, but getting anxious for this little guy to be here. He doesn't like to "see" him moving, only feel him. I'm trying to slowly ease him into what he should be expecting come D-day but it still freaks him out to talk about it, so I'm not going to push it... yet. He hates when I poke at my belly to try to get Nolan to move for people, I find that hilarious.

Natty update: Big brother went to the vet last weekend to get his shots and check up before baby gets here. He did great. Now we're currently debating if/when to have him "fixed."

Looking forward to: A day off tomorrow and a family 4th of July cookout! :)