18 May, 2013

Baby Nolan: Week 23

Baby V: Week 23

How far along?: 23 weeks already.. YIKES!

Maternity clothes?: Pants, yes. But I still wear all of my regular tops that are roomy

Weight gain?: I think I've gained about 2 pounds now from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'll find out for sure at my next appt. I'm feeling huge already though!

Sleep: I'm still comfortable *knock on wood* so I sleep good minus the 3 or 4 trips to the bathroom that wake me up!

Best moment this week: Mother's Day was last Sunday and it was a great day all around. My sweet hubby brought me flowers and made us breakfast(pancakes and bacon, his specialty!), My very sweet sister brought me flowers too! We cooked out at my Mom and Dad's with my grandparents and enjoyed a nice afternoon with them. My Mom totally surprised me with a new Mother/Son Pandora charm for my bracelet even though it was her day first and she shouldn't have done that! :) We enjoyed our day with my family then went to my Sister-in-law's house for a yummy fajita dinner celebrating my Mother-in-law. All in all it was a nice relaxing day celebrating all the wonderful women in our lives. So blessed to have so many wonderful examples of mothers in my life!

Miss Anything?: An after work glass of wine or beer.. but it's worth it!

Movement: Yes, lots of it! My intestines have become a playground and he is getting much stronger now. Stephen was surprised how much he could feel him one night while we were watching TV. Natty had the best experience this week though. I got up to go to the bathroom one night(big surprise) and when I got back Natty hopped up on the bed and curled against me with his head on my belly. He used to sleep like that every night. No sooner had he laid his big head down, Nolan gave him a good swift kick in the head! He popped up, surprised. Then moved to Stephen's side of the bed for the rest of the night. Poor guy, I feel bad for him but also find it hilarious!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Going too long without eating and still certain foods... Mac n cheese, grilled meat that's been cooked even a little too long...

Gender: Baby BOY!!!

Labor Signs: hopefully not until our scheduled induction date!

Belly Button in or out?: In

Weddding rings on or off?: On but had to take them off for a little bit today because my hands were swollen in the heat

Mood: good generally but it does change quickly(poor Stephen!) and I cry more than I ever have!

Looking forward to: Our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday! :)
23 week belly in Daddy's ABU top in honor of Armed Forces Day! :)
My new Mother/Son Pandora charm from my very sweet Momma!
Mother's Day roses from Stephen and pretty purple flowers from Lindsay and Carl! :)

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  1. I love that story about Natty!! And you look great! :)