31 May, 2013

Baby Nolan: Week 25

Baby V: Week 25

How far along?: 25 weeks.. only 14 to go!( Only 64 more work days, but who's counting?!)

Maternity clothes?: Yup.. this bump is getting a little out of control

Weight gain?: +5 total( I was feeling pretty good about this into my 6th month, but at my appointment this week my doctor said "gained a little weight this week. We'll just chalk that up to BBQ.")

Sleep: Whenever I can!

Best moment this week: Dad and Stephen building our entertainment center last weekend, Mom finishing Nolan's crib skirt and mobile, and the unplanned ultrasound today at the Ultrasound institute as a volunteer!

Miss Anything?: Being able to move faster!

Movement: Constantly and he's getting strong too

Food cravings: Hmm.. nothing really. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Going too long without eating and still certain foods... Mac n cheese, grilled meat that's been cooked even a little too long...

Gender: Baby BOY!!!

Labor Signs: hopefully not until our scheduled induction date!

Belly Button in or out?: In.. I'd be happy if it stayed that way.

Weddding rings on or off?: On but now that it's getting hot they get tight more often. They may not make it too far into the summer.

Mood: Pretty good this week(Minus the exhaustion and stress that set in Sunday afternoon after 2 days of construction and a house full of people on the way over!)

Daddy update: Stephen has been busy getting back to his civilian job after a month of special ops combat training and helping with all my projects around the house to get ready for baby! Including the built in entertainment center I've been waiting for! :)

Natty update: we're working with natty to get ready for the big change that's going to come when he's a big brother. He's making some progress with jumping but we will see. We're discussing a training class for him.

Looking forward to: Mandy and Baby Carmen's shower tomorrow, our favorite Poppy's bday Sunday and getting our glucose screening over with Tuesday morning!

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  1. I'm just catching up with you...didn't know you changed your blog name. Now I'm following you over here. Excited to hear you are having a baby boy and I like the name as well. Love that Mickey Mouse mobile. Don't worry, you don't need the theme right away. I remember so long ago when we had our first baby. Now she's 33 years old and finally decided what to major in college and will get her degree next spring! I wish you all the best with your new baby and your marriage as well. Hugs!