03 October, 2013


I have to admit motherhood has been even more than I had expected and I felt pretty prepared. I mean that in every aspect of the word.

I love this baby boy more than I could have imagined. I worry about germs and poop and natural disasters and bad people more than is healthy, I'm sure.

What I didn't count on was all the things that would change. Just eating dinner and watching TV is a production. There is not much alone time for Stephen and I anymore. But it does make us appreciate each other much more. When we can steal 5 minutes to snuggle while watching TV with a sleeping baby or when we both get in to bed at the same time with a baby down for the night is like a vacation! The dynamic of our family has definitely changed. But it's a change for the best!

It's amazing all the things I can do one handed, or how productive I can be during a one hour nap. My heart has definitely doubled in size with the addition of this little miracle. There are hard days and hours along with the good but I wouldn't trade a second of it for the world!

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