07 November, 2011

Our Halloween

Yes, yes... I'm a little behind again! But in fairness we had a crazy week last week and I wasn't feeling so good. But we had one of the best Halloween's ever, so I wanted to go back and share with you all(and have the memory here for myself!)

This year we moved into a subdivision with lots of houses and lots of families. I knew we would have trick or treaters! Last year we were in an apartment and the years before that our neighborhood didn't have many kids so we have yet to have trick or treaters since we've lived together.

When I was a kid Halloween was huge at our house! Not because we particularly love Halloween(because we don't really), but because we lived in the biggest subdivision. We always had 15-20 kids, plus their parents, and some grandparents over and trick or treating was an ORdeal! Since I've been an "adult" (I use that term loosely!) I've been to a Halloween party or two, but never really made a huge deal out of celebrating.

This year I've been counting down to Halloween since October 1st! Not for the parties, because I skipped the only one we had to go to this year, but for the trick or treaters! I hounded Stephen all month to change the burnt out light bulb by the front door "so trick or treaters would know we had candy". We went to Wal Mart the weekend before and I stocked up on what I thought would be more than enough candy(8 BIG bags)

On Halloween we both had to work so I made a big pot of chili in the crock pot. When I got home we carved our pumpkins(we were a little behind the game) and I got the chili mac ready. About 7 we took our big bowls of delicious chili mac, the bowl of halloween candy, and our beer and set up camp on the front porch.

It looked something like this:

(Our "ugly" pumpkins)

We had an absolute blast! The trick or treaters were precious and they kept us busy! At about 7:30 we were already down to the last half bowl of candy. I told Stephen we would need to run up the street to the store to get some more. He kept telling me nah the kids are probably almost donw and heading home since it's a school night. (I remembered our trick or treating days and it didn't matter if it was a school night we never came in before 10!) But I went along with him for a little while.

Finally I realized we were really low on candy and I could still see trick or treaters coming down the street. I left the hubs in charge of passing out candy, and I drove up to the dollar general for a few more bags of candy.

As I was standing in line to check out I got this text from him:

"Hurry dinner rush!!!"

I literally burst our laughing in the store!

The cashier said we must have trick or treaters. I told her we had a lot more than we had anticipated. She asked where we lived, and when I told her our neighborhood she just said "Ohhhh" and then she explained that's where everyone goes to trick or treat because we're really the only subdivision for a few miles. Ooops.

As I was driving home I got another text.
"I've had to resort to the Toy Story gummies in the pantry"

Again I was laughing so hard it was hard to drive!

Apparently after I left, they started busing kids in or something because the neighborhood got pretty busy and Stephen had a group of kids on the porch and ran out of candy. He felt bad so he went inside to see what he could find to give out instead. I had two boxes of Toy Story fruit snacks that I take for lunch sometimes, so he gave those out.

I was about half a block from our drive way when I got the last text:
"HURRY! I'm on to the swiss cake rolls!!!!"

Little Debbie snacks are Stephen's favorite and we usually have a few boxes in the pantry. He ran out of gummies before I got back so apparently he had to give out a few swiss cake rolls. TOO FUNNY! Picturing him rummaging in the pantry for something to pass out just makes me laugh!

I got there just in time and no one went without candy. We spent the rest of the night on the porch drinking beers, handing out candy, and reminiscing on childhood Halloweens and the good old 90's. Our friend Bryan even came to join us for a little while, and the three of us laughed and compared stories.

All in all it's one of the most fun Halloween nights I've had in years and I can't wait to do it again next year! I know it's a little late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

(The hubs is working a night job with my dad tonight so I will most likely be posting again after he leaves and I'm bored. Two in one day, woo!)


  1. I am glad you had a great Halloween! Everyone I have talked to in the area ran out of candy also. I guess I didn't realize how many kids are living around here.

  2. Hahaha...this post literally made me LOL thinking of Stephen rummaging for trick or treat snacks!! We miss ya'll tons! Hopefully we'll be back to the panhandle sometime soon!!