17 November, 2011


Alright, I know this disappointing, but tonight I'm going to take a break from my food blogging to try to amuse you a bit. (However, I have set a new record and cooked a new recipe every night this week! So I have two more to share with you tomorrow)

I have recently become more addicted to twitter. Hashtags are fun. One day I posted a silly tweet about work with the tag #waitressproblems only to discover that such tag was a MAJOR conversation if you will, on twitter. I read old #waitressproblem posts for the better part of an hour last night.

Then when deciding what to write about today, I just couldn't resist. Seems like most people I know have waited tables at one point or another and can relate to these little pet peeves of the restaurant business. (DISCLAIMER: this is not meant to offend, just to be funny. If you do any of the things listed, it's nothing personal)

For any of you that have waited tables and can think of more that I forgot please feel free to comment with them! :)


  • "Can I get 75% unsweet tea, and 25% sweet. Not half and half.. 75/25"
    • Really? You can tell the difference? (I like to make it 50/50 just to see if they really notice)
  • Making $25 on a 6 hour shift one day, and $150 in 4 hours the next
  • Waiting on a husband and wife when they're fighting... AWKWARD
  • Asking your table if they're ready to order, they say yes then continue to read their menus
    • Uhhh... I can come back if you'd like
  • The awkward moment when you can't decide if a couple is on one check or seperate
  • Same side of the booth sitters
    • No offense to all of you love birds, but it's just weird!
  • Verbal tippers: You know what I mean, the ones that go on and on the whole time about how great you are only to leave you a below average tip.
  • Mom:"Do you have chocolate milk"-- lady this is a sports bar, not McDonald's
  • On the same note: when parents let their kids run around the restaurant like it's a playground. NEWSFLASH: it's not a playground or chuck e cheese!
  • When your table splits everything(i/e: pitchers of beer, wings, nachos) but then gets upset because the check isn't seperate.. umm.. everything was together?
  • People that tell you over and over they're in a rush... (So why did you come out to eat? Wouldn't fast food make more sense then a sit down restaurant?)
  • People that show up to watch a sporting event on TV, order a water, say they'll order later, and then just leave when the game ends.
  • Similarly: When a customer takes up your table for hours working, chatting, internet surfing, etc. after eating their meal and then leaves $1...ya, thanks buddy, please come back again.
  • When customers ask if the money they give you is a good tip... like I'm going to say no?! AWKWARD!
  • Customers that get mad at the server when their food isn't right. I write it out, I explain it to the cook, I don't make it! Face it, the general restaurant cook population are either on drugs or prison work release, not the most reliable workers in the world!
  • Why yes I enjoyed waiting on your family of 3, making you 3 bowls of chili, bringing out entrees, refilling your drinks 5x a piece, so much that $1 tip on a $30 bill is sufficient! (I'm trying to pay bills here people and I make $4.23 an hour! We LIVE on tips- 20% people, it's not that hard!)
  • Mom to child: "What do you want to eat/drink?" Kid: "I don't know"... blank stare.. I do not have all day, you know what your kid eats, just order for them!
Any of you current/former servers hear me on this list?!?

Any I forgot that you want to add?

I must admit, I'm feeling much better after making this list about the crappy day I had at work. I think I'll survive another shift tomorrow. :)

Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. hahaha!! oh man, i would be so impatient in this job :)

  2. I'm a former waitress and some of these things definitely made me laugh out loud!! The list is great!!

  3. My room mate manages a restaurant here in town, and I started reading your list to him... We both DIED laughing. Great blog btw. Have a good Christmas!