21 November, 2011

6 months down...

That's right people, the Hubs and I officially SURVIVED our first 6 months of marriage! Today marks exactly six months since we said our "I do's". That means we're half way to our 1st anniversary(which means champagne and cake!)

(Ok, ok I confess I remembered that today marked 6 months because I had an email from the knot.com asking me if we "were pregnant, new parents or trying to conceive" sicne we had been married 6 months this morning. Why no, knot.com, we are not. Thanks for increasing my already ridiculous baby fever as I try to just enjoy our first few years of newlyweded bliss!!)

But I digress...

I text Stephen this morning to tell him we had survived and I loved him. :) (sweetest wife ever, I know!) And do you know what that sweet, wonderful man did? He stopped by the store on his way home to get me a treat!

That's right, when I got home from work he had a bubble bath complete with lighted candles, a new magazine, my favorite candy, and a sweet card waiting for me to relax! (Yup, I hit the jackpot! ;)

We've had quite an eventful first 6 months as a married couple, and I expect that we'll have plenty more stories in the next 6 before we reach that one year mark. Who even knows where we'll be! We're both still trying to decide "what to be  when we grow up".

I decided today to spare you the nitty gritty details of our first 6 months which most definitley included, love, hugs, fights, arguments, stress, bills, moving, changing, growing, cuddling, sharing, and so much more trials and successes(which many of you have already about here anyway). Instead, I'm going to just share our 1st 6 months in pictures with you.

Happy 1/2versary to my wonderful, thoughtful, handsome, sweet husband! I love you, Stephen, and I appreciate all you do for us! My life would be so boring without you

To many, many more!

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving week y'all!

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