16 August, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 36

Bumpdate: Week 36!

Baby Nolan: Week 36 already.. we're getting so close! According to all the websites he's the size of a melon at about 5.75 lbs and 18.75 inches. HA! Yeah that was about 2 weeks ago. I'm dying to see what they say he's weighing at our next measurement ultrasound on Monday. He's pretty much fully developed except for his little lungs and his brain that are both still growing in there. 

Maternity clothes?: This can't even be a question anymore.

Weight gain?: +22lbs(BOO! I had done so well..)

Sleep: Not as great as it was. I'm tired so I fall asleep fairly easily but I get uncomfortable more often, I get up more often, and rolling around to get comfortable is becoming a bigger chore.

Best moment this week: Celebrating Noni's birthday!

Miss Anything?: My normal sized feet/ankles!

Movement: More controlled kicks and punches these days. He's strong for someone so small!

Food cravings: nothing really in particular this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope so far the 3rd trimester has been good for my nausea.

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: I've been having contractions both real and braxton hicks for the last couple weeks on and off but nothing really to speak of.

Belly Button in or out?: It's still technically in but it is stretched pretty much flat now.

Wedding rings on or off?: Luckily I can still wear my wedding band, and my engagement ring still "fits" but it gets snug a lot more often so I've retired it until post baby so I don't risk needing to get it cut off.

Mood: Good just tired!

Daddy update: Stephen is cracking me up. It is obviously real to him now because he is driving me crazy with all of his pregnancy, labor, delivery, newborn research. Don't get me wrong. I love that he's so excited and so involved, but you can't believe everything you read, honey! He is convinced I will be going in to labor at any minute. He's insisted on assembling every baby product we own and getting his room all together. He's also decided we need to go ahead and have all the hospital bags packed and the car seat installed. Poor guy is going to go crazy waiting til my induction!

Natty update: I think Stephen has convinced him that I'm about to pop too because that boy follows me everywhere! Everytime I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, he's right there with me. When I'm soaking in the tub, he's laying next to it. If I'm putting stuff away in Nolan's room, he's laying on the floor in there watching. I'm hoping this is a good sign of how much he's going to love his "baby brother" in a few weeks too!

Looking forward to: Some down time to just catch up on things before this baby boy decides to join us

We had two incredible showers last weekend thanks to all of our amazing family and friends! I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect. They were both precious and this boy is SPOILED!! He definitely does not need anything for a while and the boy has more clothes than he could possibly ever wear!

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