20 August, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 37!

Baby Nolan: Week 37! He measured at 6lbs 14oz(+/-15oz) during our ultrasound this week. His big ol' head is still measuring at 39 weeks and 3 days as well as the rest of his long little body. Average size for this week is just over 6lbs so he's still our big guy!

Maternity clothes?: This can't even be a question anymore.

Weight gain?: +25lbs.. YIKES!

Sleep: I love it when I can get it. I'm up a lot more now. And every day I'm wide awake from 4am to 5am for no reason. Nolan isn't squirming so he seems to be sleeping then, I don't know why that's my hour to be awake.

Best moment this week: Enjoying some quality time as a family of 3

Miss Anything?: Being able to move quickly

Movement: Still pretty constant but lower now

Food cravings: anything sweet

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope so far the 3rd trimester has been good for my nausea.

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: Lots and lots of contractions and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I'm already 2cm dialated at my appointment on Monday. Doctor said we won't make it to be induced that this guy is going to come on his own and he has a feeling it will be much sooner rather than later! :)

Belly Button in or out?: In but completely flat. I'm hoping if it's still in at this point, it will stay that way.

Wedding rings on or off?: I'm still wearing my wedding band but my engagement ring stays at home and I really miss it!

Mood: Good just tired!

Daddy update: Very very very anxious! He's constantly asking if I'm having contractions or if I'm in labor yet. If he's not with me then he's texting to ask. He is ready to take his turn holding baby Nolan!

Natty update: He's been extra sweet lately. Following me around still all the time and getting in snuggles when he can, but he's gotten very good about not jumping up on me. I find him in the nursery sometimes sniffing around. I think he knows things are about to change around our house!

Looking forward to: meeting our sweet boy finally!

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