28 August, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 38

Baby Nolan: Week 38.. And still not coming out. The apps say he should be 6lbs 8oz this week but he was already bigger than that over a week ago!

Maternity clothes?: This can't even be a question anymore.

Weight gain?: +26lbs.. YIKES!

Sleep: I've finally hit the miserable stage. I can't get comfortable. I have a hard time getting to sleep, and then I'm up about every hour to go to the bathroom. I'll actually get more sleep once he gets here!

Best moment this week: seeing his sweet face in our ultrasound yesterday(I think he has my nose and lips!:)

Miss Anything?: good sleep!

Movement: not nearly as often but I do still feel him wriggling around

Food cravings: anything sweet

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope so far the 3rd trimester has been good for my nausea.

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: still only at 2cm dialated. The doctor stripped my membranes at my Monday appointment but that hasn't seemed to help. Lots of cramping and lower back pain along with contractions but they're just sporadic. I can't seem to get them consistent enough to make a difference.

Belly Button in or out?: In but completely flat. I'm hoping if it's still in at this point, it will stay that way.

Wedding rings on or off?: I'm still wearing my wedding band but my engagement ring stays at home and I really miss it!

Mood: Good just tired and anxious

Daddy update: he got his hopes up when the doctor told us any minute and now he's very antsy waiting.

Natty update: he seems to be enjoying that I'm home from work this week and he's soaking up some extra cuddles before his baby brother gets here.

Looking forward to: meeting our sweet boy finally!

Here are some pictures from our first shower thrown by my amazing family! I still need to track down pictures from our second shower.:

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