25 July, 2011

I've got a bad case of the


It has definitely been Monday all day today! I had to work the 12-8 slot at work(my least favorite!). But I still had to wake up early for an 8 a.m. doctor's appointment.(What was I thinking?!?) The bright side is I did get done early and was able to get my work out in before getting ready for work. Which is a good thing considering I wouldn't have done it when I get home tonight at 9! It's been a weird week at work this week anyway with last minute reservations and lots of maintenance calls. Oh, and did I mention I'm also on call? Luckily, no middle of the night phone calls(KNOCK ON WOOD!), but I have had at least a couple calls a day for random things. Wednesday can't get here fast enough for me to hand over this on-call phone! As much as I'd rather be home cooking dinner and hanging out with my sweet husband, he's probably a little relieved not to be dealing with my grouchy Monday mood tonight!

Anyway, enough crankiness! We had a great weekend! FRIDAY night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with my family(margaritas always = a good time!). Then we called it an early night and watched ridiculous amounts of How I Met Your Mother reruns that we had on the DVR(Have I mentioned that we are currently OBSESSED with that show?!) 

Saturday I had to work 10-6(not so much fun), but then we got ready and went to the casino with two of our best friends. Now, I'm not a big gambler by any means. In fact, you could say I have the world's worst luck! (No worries, I only took $40 with me!) So I'm not usually much into going to the casino, but Stephen has been dying to go for a while now, so we went and we had a good time. Maybe too good a time since we didn't get to sleep til about 4 a.m.! 

Sunday Was nice and relaxing. We got up and got some Subway. When we came home I found a burst of productivity and cleaned the house really good and even unpacked the straggling boxes in the guest room. (I will admit there are still 2 boxes left in there, but we're waiting on new furniture in there) I even got Stephen to help me hang a lot of the pictures on the wall. Still have quite a few to go! After our very productive day, we met his brother and sister for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Delicious and dinner with all three of them together is always entertaining!!

I was thinking about it, and I still haven't wrote the full wedding blog, let alone even attempted a honeymoon recap! It's coming soon I promise. Cross your fingers, maybe even this week! Hope you all are having a better Monday!(At least having a better idea!) Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. Being on call is never fun. It's wednesday so you should be done now. :)