21 July, 2011

The never ending marriage saga

I must confess... I am NOT the world's perfect wife. *GASP* Shocking, I know! I am not the most domesticated goddess ever. Again, no surprise. I despise yard work. I like things neat, but I am in now a neat freak. If my Saturday options are clean the house top to bottom or go to the beach, grab a cold beer and join me in the sand! I try to cook dinner every night, but chicken, rice, and green beans are my go to dinner. Also, I am not above ordering a pizza after a long day of work. Clean laundry can sit in the basket for 3 days before it gets folded and put away. Stephen has always known these things about me. For those of you new to my blog, we have lived together for the past several years before we were married exactly two months ago on May 21st.

So why am I finding all this "homemaker" stuff so hard? I've been doing it for years! I can't make a decorating decision to save my life(without my mama's help). Things that I made all the time before(rice, roast, potatoes) suddenly don't come out right? Is it all in my head or is there really more pressure to be a domestic goddess now that i'm officially a wife.

Let's rewind a bit and share my latest blunder. Stephen is the yard maintainer. The inside is my domain, but out in the jungle, that's all my handsome husband's job. With his schedule and this Florida heat, lawn mowing is a constant battle with our oversized yard. This week he had planned to mow the lawn Wednesday after work. But Tuesday night my mom called to tell us she had gotten our wedding video back. So of course we had to go over the next night to have dinner and watch it! So plans were changed.

I am by no means a "house wife". I work a 40+ hour a week job too. However my job isn't a typical Monday-Friday 9-5 job. I have random days off. This week I was off on Wednesday. I got up early even though I was off and got some things done around the house, I went to base for some blood work, I spent a little time by the pool, went to the commissary and exchange and still made it home before 1. Well I thought I would surprise my husband and cut the grass for him so it would be done when he got off. Feeling very productive I dug out some old clothes, and headed out to get going. *DISCLAIMER*: I have NEVER mowed a lawn in my life! So I call my mom and figure out how to work the lawn mower. I get out there check the gas, manage to get it cranked up(Shocking to me!) and started off. I was surprised how easy it was. I'm mentally patting myself on the back through all of this and thinking how excited my husband was going to be when he got home. About 20 minutes in(and not very far into the yard I may add) The lawnmower started making a crazy noise, I look down and it's smoking. Uh oh. So I stop it check the gas and oil. Well the oil appeared to be low. Frustrated but determined, I ran up to the gas station, asked what kind goes in a lawn mower, and then armed with a quart of 10W30 motor oil headed home to finish my surprise!

Since the oil gauge seemed to be reading completely empty, I poured the whole quart in there. I let it sit for another minute, then cranked it up. It started without a problem, but the smoke was still there. Now I was nervous. I failed to mention this before, but our lawnmower is a loaner from Stephen's grandparents. It was starting to rain, and I didn't want to really mess up the mower so I conceded defeat and put it back in the garage and went to shower. I called my dad and he told me that most likely the mower would be ok. I waited for Stephen to get home and told him my sad story, and he thought it was normal and not a big deal. I felt much better when he said this and didn't worry about the mower anymroe and enjoyed the night eating dinner and watching our awesome wedding video with my family.

Well, today I came home from work and Stephen was out mowing the lawn. With smoke coming out of the lawnmower consistently. So of course I get the third degree on what I did to the mower, he proceeded to tinker with it, and now it's just sitting in our garage, not looking so good. Looks like I will be using my next pay check to purchase a new mower for his grandparents! I'm sure in a couple years, or even months, we'll look back on this and laugh at how my sweet surprise turned into quite a faux pas. But for right now, it's not so funny!

Marriage is for better or worse, and don't get me wrong I love married life. But it isn't always flowers and sunshine! This is a whole new chapter, and I'm trying my hardest to keep up. We'll get it figured out one day, I'm sure....

Until then, Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. Don't feel too bad...at least you tried. I'm almost 35 & still have never mowed a lawn.

  2. I don't think anything you did caused the problems with the lawnmower. Oh and I've been married almost 13 years and I'm not a good homemaker really.