13 July, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Ok here it is loves, I promised I would be less.. um.. sarcastic? This week and go back to my optomistic WILW posts. If you're feeling grateful this week, too then head on over and link up with http://littledaisymay.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-im-loving-wednesday_13.html!

This week I am LOVING:

That although we had a change of plans and missed Bands on the Beach, we eneded up having a fun dinner with Dad at one of my favorite restaurants.

I'm loving that my sweet Mama took her whole afternoon Friday to help me shop for the house, and I'm loving how cute it's all coming together!(Now if I can just get her to come help me hang up pictures.. hmm..)

I'm loving my incredible husband (as always) and that he is planning a little mini "vacation" for Labor Day! Lucky for me he loves to be on the go as much as I do!

I'm loving this little face! But I'm missing him and his Mama! Need some Trae and Mandy time!

I'm LOVING that I have this Sunday off and my sweet hubs is already talking about fun things to do! :)

I'm loving these cute outside mats for the house, but I can't decide which ones!!

With a "V" though of course!

and this one from personalizationmall.com

Yes, I have turned into one of "those" decorating people and I'm obsessed!

I'm loving that I've had two days off in a row, and that I'll work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and get another day off! :)

I'm also LOVING how sweet my Natty dog has been lately! He's such a big love. He just wants to cuddle all the time, which I admit can be annoying at times, but I just love him to pieces!

What are you loving today?? Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. i love the dogs rock outside mat! so cute!

  2. We have the one with the "M" on it :) But I like the Saints one for ya'll!!!

  3. I love the mat with the initial - so cute! We got a colored mat and it's already faded and can't see it very well, we've only had it for 8 months too so I suggest going with plain black.

    And I love snuggly pups. :)