06 July, 2011


Well I normally link up with What I'm Loving Wednesday(Which I love by the way and still think you should check out from Jamie!) But today I decided to try out a new one. If you ask my mother, this one fits me a little better. She loving refers to me as Ms.(Now, Mrs.) Negativity. No worries, I will return to being an optimist next Wednesday and tell you all about what I'm loving!

Today I'm going to go with Shannon at Life after "I dew" to tell you all the things this week, that I'm just thinking "So WHAT!" about. So here we go...

SO WHAT if...
  • I slept an extra 30 minutes this morning instead of getting out bed for my run. I can run tonight.
  • My husband decided to have company over tonight and not tell me until this morning even though we have no groceries in the house. That's what grocery stores are for, right?
  • My blogging has become sporadic and I'm lucky if I post 2-3 times a week!
  • We've lived in the house for almost three weeks now, and still don't have the first picture hung up on the walls and still have boxes in the guest rooms.
  •  I volunteered to work on my day off tomorrow
  • We have a huge yard and I'm dying to plant a garden, but no that I can't keep anything alive.
  • Our cable NEVER works now that we changed companies. It's cheaper. 
  • Having a longer holiday weekend and working at the beach all the time with vacationing people has given me the urge to get out of town
  • I graduated with my bachelor's degree, but now have no desire to really use it and would rather go for my Master's degree or shift gears entirely and get a nursing degree.
  • I painted my nails and they've already chipped and the ends of my hair are splitting. I'll get around to making a hair/nail appointment eventually
  • I tried to make a doctor's appointment, but the office never calls me back. Gotta love Navy hospitals!
In spite of the shorter week, it's still been "one of those" weeks and I'm just in "one of those" moods. Thank God for my sweet, sweet husband who has enough patience for the both of us, and my very supportive family and friends! It's the little things in life... Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. I too am having one of those weeks! it's funny how even the long weekend and shortened work week doesn't help!

  2. hahah! I love the cable one. That so happened to me last year and the roomies were ppissed. We have the expensive shiz back! haha

  3. I'm liking your So What Wednesday! Possibly because I can relate to a good bit of it...

    but so what, right? :)

  4. i love your So What Wednesday. So funny on your post.

    I follow you already, follow me back please… Looking forward your So What Wednesday coming up soon x

  5. I like your SO What post :) great stuff girl! xo