21 October, 2011


The BIG 2-5!
That's how old my sweet husband is turning today! WOW! Happy birthday Lovebug! Lucky for him he has such a young wife to keep him from aging ;)


This his 4th birthday that we're spending together, and in case you haven't noticed already I like to give my hubs a hard time about getting old. (He's almost 3 years older than me) Though, I'm fully aware that he's not. (Before I start getting hate mail and nasty comments!) I appreciate that 25 years is not a long time in the grand scheme of things. He's just getting started. We're both barely scratching the surface of adulthood, but then you think about him being a quarter of a century old, and realize my handsome man has come a long long way!

Just in the last year he has grown and changed so much in the last year alone! I'm so proud that I get to call him my husband for this birthday and all of the birthdays to come!

I have a few birthday surprises up my sleeve. (I usually do.) I'm the queen of birthday surprises! I learned that from my mom.

The big plans for tomorrow is to have a party at our house and have some friends and family over to help celebrate tomorrow evening. You'll have to check to see the surprises as well as pictures from his big night! :)

In the mean time I thought I would make a list of my 25 favorite things about my husband:

1.) His adorable smile
2.) His sense of humor
3.) The crazy nicknames he come up with for me
4.) The way he hogs the bed/covers at night
5.) His picky eating, but willingness to try new things at least once
6.) His zest for life and refusal to get old
7.) His HUGE heart that he wears on his sleeve
8.) His singing voice, especially when he's singing to me in the car
9.) The crazy things he'll do just to make me smile
10.) He's extreme love for Disney
11.) The way he acts like he's still a kid when we're at any amusement park
12.) How well he fits right into my crazy family
13.) How much he genuinely cares how other people feel
14.) That he will sit with me through any of my stupid shows or movies
15.) That he doesn't think I'm crazy when I talk about having kids in the not so distant future(not not too soon either!)
16.) That he will ONE day make the most amazing father
17.) The way he plays with Natty and gets him so wound up
18.) How I can still manage to talk him into walking with me in the evening after a long day of work
19.) The way he treats me like a princess all the time
20.) How he is such a baby when he's sick
21.) How safe he makes me feel even when I get scared after watching a creepy movie
22.) That he never gets bored of my cooking(even when we eat a lot of chicken)
23.) His love for traveling and new adventures
24.) The way that he can make any monotonous day seem like an exciting one with his crazy ideas
25.) How much I love him and continue to love him more and more everyday!

Happy birthday my love! And many, many more!

For the rest of you lovely readers, Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a sweet list! I may steal your idea for Mike's 30th next month. He's 6 years older than me so I tease him about being old too. Can you believe he doesn't want to celebrate? Sorry, not an option. :)