07 October, 2011

Finally Friday!

It has been a week let me just tell you!

I fail at taking pictures though so we'll just have to go with my incredible story telling skills here. Let's start where we left off:

The furniture escapade on Tuesday. Whew! It was about as much fun as it sounds. We got up at a decent time got our old furniture moved out of our room, drove across town to borrow my dad's trailer, picked up our furniture(which wasn't even all there due to an ordering blunder, but luckily the floor models were in good shape and my impatient self took those), then got home to unload them.

The new dresser was MUCH heavier than I had anticipated for just Stephen and I to move. Eventually we got it into our room.. but it wasn't fun. By this time my sweet hubs was more than a little irritated, and to top it off, the new furniture didn't fit right in our room. It fit but not in the way I had anticipated it would. So the furniture required rearranging. Stephen wasn't keen on this idea, and I was tired of listening to him, so I kicked him out and I went to work situating everything. Nothing was heavy, I just slid it around on the carpet, but it wasn't easy manuevering an over crowded room. Eventually I got it all into place and we both love it now!

New night stands(bed set we bought after the wedding but I still love) Please excuse the uber lazy dog. Watching me move furniture had exhausted him.
New dresser, not a great picture(and the room is a wreck because I have yet to hang pictures and situate the little knick knack thing) but we love it! It's a huge improvement to our mismatched childhood dressers we both brought from our parents houses!(YIKES!)

So that about sums up our Tuesday. The aforementioned night stand for our guest room that I was working on is still under construction. I'm hoping to finish it and have pictures tomorrow! :)

After all that we went to Stephen's grandparents' for dinner and a little family time since it's the first time we all had a chance to get together since our wedding in MAY! Never a dull moment and we both had a lot of fun laughing and catching up with the whole fam damily!

I slept soooo good that night!

Stephen left Wednesday and has been in Orlando visiting his brother and enjoying Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando ever since.

I've been holding down the fort here.

Dinner with a long lost friend Wednesday night and thenvisited my parents.

Worked Thursday and then took my first Zumba class. (AWESOME!!!) I think I'm hooked. I had the VHS tapes when they first came out(yes, I realize this is making me sound older than I am.) when I was in middle school and absolutely loved them. I had been meaning to go try one of the classes since that's become all the rage around here, but just hadn't gotten there til Thursday. But I think I will become a regular. The hour flew by, I had so much fun, and I could feel it working! I'm sore today and getting more sore by the minute! I definitely recommend it to everyone looking to shake up their workout routine.

After Zumba I had dinner at my parents house.(Yes, I do spend pretty much every night hanging out over there when Stephen's gone.) Then mom and I watched Grey's Anatomy, and I made the trek home to crawl in my bed and see my sweet boy, Natty!

This morning was my first attempt at subbing in an elementary school. I filled in for a 4th grade class and it was quite the adventure! I love the school, teachers, and admininstration, but this particular class was more than a little trying! I'm not swearing it off yet, but boy did they wear me out! I will elaborate more on that later, I'm pretty tired from my adventure!

I also had a 4:00 shift at my other job after my long day of subbing. I got off about 7:15 though so it wasn't so bad. I still had time to meet my Mom, Aunt, Cousins, and Trae man for dinner and margaritas and made it to the mall to continue my hunt for a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend. Whew.

I'm wiped!

Stephen gets home tomorrow and I could not be more ready to have some company! I think even Natty is starting to think I'm crazy for talking to him so much! Unfortunately I have to work 5-cl tomorrow night and 10-3 on Sunday so I probably won't actually get to spend any quality time with him until Sunday night, but it could be worse so that will be the end of my complaining!

This girl is hitting the hay! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to get caught up on all my blog reading tomorrow morning after my gym sesh!

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. wow what a week you had. Did ya take measurements? I know it's fun getting furniture and glad you got it situated. Hop over to my blog on Sat. for a treat about us. Have a good weekend!

  2. Wow! What a busy week!