18 October, 2011

Bring on the cold!

It's been a little dull around these here parts lately.(Yikes... channeling my inner redneck! ;)

I've been working(waiting tables and subbing) quite a bit and enjoying spending time at the house with my hubs and pup or getting a workout in. No fun projects. New recipes are about as exciting as it gets around here. I really need to find some fun new pinteresty things to take on. My walls have empty space and I have too much free time that I'm not using wisely!

The husband has been working on finding a full time job since his active orders ended and he's only doing the Air Force thang as a traditional reservist now. I'm secretly crossing my fingers that he gets offered one of the flightline jobs he has been applying for in a new city. I've lived in this one my whole life, and while I love it, I'm up for some new adventures! (And maybe find a big new job for myself there.)

In the mean time, the only blog worthy thing we've done lately is a nice little trip to New Orleans, Louisiana last weekend! Love that city! My beautiful cousin got married at Preservation Hall, so we made a family vacation and spent the weekend there. Complete with spooky old hotel, lots of yummy cajun food, and a few trips to Bourbon Street!

I'll spare you the gory details, and just share some of my favorite pictures from our weekend.

Who doesn't love a little rejuvenation in NOLA?!

But now back to the real world, and the hope that the weather people are right and we will be getting a cool snap after the rain today. Bring on the fall weather, AND...

Hubby's birthday!

That's right my sweet husband will be the big 25 on FRIDAY!

I'm thinking we'll have to have a little bloggy fun for him this week... there's some great pictures of him I'll have to borrow from his mom... so stay tuned!

Love you honey!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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